We have been able to get some dates for a return to the Ice Bears of the Yukon, this is the photography holiday for the Grizzlies of Bear Cave Mountain – our original trip takes place during 2018, & sold out instantly; demand for places at Grizzly Bear Photography at Bear Cave Mountain is very high as only around 24 people get to spend time at the location each year!

An Atmospheric Image Of A Bear In The Landscape Of Fishing Branch River Typical Of The Kind Of Image That May Be Captured On The NaturesLens Ice Grizzlies of Bear Cave Mountain Photographic Holiday

We have secured dates for the October 15 – 26 sessions of Ice Grizzly Photography of the 2020 season, this is late in the season & should be very cold, therefore presenting opportunities to capture images of the Grizzly Bears clad in ice when they emerge from the waters of the Fishing Branch river. The dates for this very special wildlife photography holiday are October 15 – 26, 2020.

Our time spent in the area of Bear Cave Mountain is a rare privilege, as the region is sacred to the Vuntut Gwitchin community who reside in the area; these First Nation peoples place a great ancestral & cultural value on the land & the environment within the park. The vast area was set aside by the government & local communities as an area for preservation, & the opportunity to capture its rarely disturbed wildlife population on camera is not one to miss out on. A guide with in-depth knowledge of the wildlife & culture of Fishing Branch river will assist our group throughout the experience to aid you in obtaining fantastic images that truly convey the magic of this exceptional location & the wildlife that calls it home.

An Ice Covered Grizzly Bear Of The Yukon Typical Of The Kind Of Image That May Be Captured On The NaturesLens Ice Grizzlies of Bear Cave Mountain Photographic Holiday

We only have 3 places for 2020; if you would like to attend, then we require a deposit of £1899 to hold your place – the total cost of the trip is £9499 per person, with an itinerary as indicated below.


  • 15-Oct-20 – Travel to Whitehorse – overnight Whitehorse
  • 16-Oct-20 – Travel to Dawson City – overnight Dawson City
  • 17-Oct-20 – Travel to Fishing Branch River – Ice Grizzly Photography
  • 18-Oct-20 – Ice Grizzly Photography
  • 19-Oct-20 – Ice Grizzly Photography
  • 20-Oct-20 – Ice Grizzly Photography
  • 21-Oct-20 – Ice Grizzly Photography
  • 22-Oct-20 – Ice Grizzly Photography
  • 23-Oct-20 – Ice Grizzly Photography
  • 24-Oct-20 – Travel to Dawson City
  • 25-Oct-20 – Travel to Whitehorse
  • 26-Oct-20 – Travel to UK

All accommodation & meals at the camp are all included to make things as straightforward & enjoyable for you as possible. Also included are the internal transfers by helicopter to & from our river-side base, to ensure that the whole experience is truly enjoyable & you are able to focus on capturing stunning photographs to add to your wildlife portfolio. Group numbers are strictly limited, so book your place now to avoid missing out!

One Of The Grizzly Bears Emerges From The Fishing Branch River Covered In Ice Typical Of The Kind Of Image That May Be Captured On The Ice Grizzlies of Bear Cave Mountain Photographic Holiday