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Ian’s images of the Bald Eagles of Alaska

Late November 2016 saw the inaugural NaturesLens Bald Eagles of Alaska Photography Holiday to South East Alaska to photograph the Bald Eagle ‘Council’. The ‘Council’ is the annual gathering of thousands of Bald Eagles on the shores of the Chilkat River to feed up for Winter on the late run of Chum or ‘Dog’ Salmon. […]

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Ian’s Memories of Skomer’s Puffins

I count myself fortunate; I’ve been able to take photos from Alaska to South Georgia, India to the Masai Mara. What’s the relevance to Skomer? Well, Skomer, on our own doorstep, presents one of the more challenging environments to ‘get the shot’, the shot being that of Skomer’s Puffins. Put aside the “will I get […]