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Slovenian Bears & Cubs Photography Holiday

July 7 - July 12

- £1599
A bear cub and its mother forage for food within the Slovenian Forests typical of the type of image that you may capture on the NaturesLens Slovenian Bears of the Forest Photography Holiday


A bear cub and its mother forage for food within the Slovenian Forests typical of the type of image that you may capture on the NaturesLens Slovenian Bears of the Forest Photography Holiday

Slovenian Bears & Cubs Photography Holiday

Join NaturesLens on a Slovenian adventure, photographing the magnificent Brown Bears & their cubs in the forests, which surround a quaint village which will form the base for the trip. Our 5-day photography excursion is best suited to amateur & semi-pro photographers with a love for wildlife & capturing stunning images of animals thriving in their natural habitat.

Have you dreamed about getting up close to Brown bear cubs as they explore the forests around them? Then this is the trip for you. We have put together a wildlife photography experience like no other, enabling keen wildlife photographers to encounter the magnificent bears & their cubs, capturing stunning images with the Slovenian wilderness as a backdrop.

Slovenian bears have lived in the expanse of forest, which blankets the region for centuries, & although just over 100 years ago there were fears that the population was dwindling, it has now recovered & now more than 400 bears currently thrive across the region. NaturesLens have designed a trip to enable photographers to witness these bears face-to-face, capturing them on camera amidst the wilderness that is their home.

European brown bear (ursus arctos arctos)

Bear cubs & their mothers maintain a close bond in early months of the cub’s life, as it relies heavily on its mother for food & protection. The mother must teach its cub the ways of the world, so that when it becomes old enough it will be able to track, hunt & protect itself. These early moments of a cub’s life & its interaction with its mother are quite a sight to behold, & from the exclusive hides within the Slovenian forests. Neil Burton, the latest addition to the NaturesLens guiding team & a frequent visitor to the Slovenian bear hides, will be on hand offering photography tuition as needed to ensure that you capture the best images possible. You can view many more of Neil’s images of the Slovenian Bears in his own gallery.

The days will encompass leisure time in the mornings through to early afternoon, giving you an opportunity to go over previous day’s images or enjoy the delights of local villages. The afternoon & evening will bring photography sessions, accompanied by, Neil Burton, a NaturesLens guide who is familiar with the region & the species, bringing you fantastic opportunities to capture stunning authentic images to cherish for years to come.

We have specially designed this trip to provide enjoyable afternoons/evenings of bear photography, providing the best opportunities to witness the bears without the need to sleep in hides overnight thanks to our careful selection of locations & itineraries. Instead, you will be welcomed to a cosy local hotel, & enjoy the famous Slovenian hospitality & local food, which they have to offer.

The combination of exciting days spent within this magnificent landscape, witnessing the beautiful brown bear & their cubs in their natural habitat, as well as comfortable nights in a local hotel being taken care of by welcoming hosts, ensures that this trip is not one to be missed.

Adorable brown bear cub licking honey

The full cost of accommodation & travel (excluding flights) is included in the trip to make things as straightforward for you as possible, enabling you to make the most of your wildlife photography experience.

Accompanied by a NaturesLens guide, you will have access to unique bear hides which have been subtly integrated into the forest wilderness, providing excellent spots from which to observe & capture the bears on camera.

Slovenian Bears & Cubs Workshop Availability

Spaces available

Recommended Equipment


We recommend that you dress up warmly for the early mornings – it can get quite cold sitting in the hide in the early hours. Wearing layers is advisable so that they may be shed at a later stage where necessary.

  •  Warm fleece for early mornings and once the sun has set.
  •  Clothing for hide work should be camouflage or neutral browns & greens.
  •  Water bottle or flask for tea & coffee.
  •  Mosquito repellent.

Camera Equipment

  • Digital camera body.
  • Lenses in the range 70mm – 500mm.
  • Lenses with f2.8 will give the best light capture and speed of focussing.
  • An alternative to long telephoto lenses is a tele-converter (e.g. 1.4x or 2x).
  •  Tripod or beanbag.
  • Spare memory cards.
  • Spare battery.
  • Battery charger.
  • Lens cleaning cloth.
  • Laptop or another type of storage device – we will be shooting lots of images.

Additional Notes

NaturesLens photography holidays include only the travel stated on the event page, flights of any nature are not included. Flight details, where applicable, are made available to clients in plenty of time to allow for booking at the best prices available.

The photography holiday itinerary is subject to change & is to be considered provisional.

NaturesLens photography holidays require a minimum number of participants, if sufficient photography holiday places are not sold the photography holiday may not be run, this photography holiday has a minimum participant level of 4 plus NaturesLens guide(s).

Not all mentioned wildlife can be observed & photographed at all times of the year, thus some activities may be considered seasonal & not available.

Unless stated otherwise, most NaturesLens wildlife photography holidays are suitable for single travellers, we design our holidays so that each participant gets their own room, there is no sharing & no single supplement - if this is unclear for any event, please check the accomodation arrangements prior to making a booking.

Please note the cuisine on many of the NaturesLens wildlife photography holidays is authentic & typical of the region in which you are travelling, international or western cuisine is often NOT available - if this is unclear for any event, please check the cuisine arrangements prior to making a booking.

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