Woodland Tawny Owl

Seasonal Birds of Prey Photography Workshops

Each of the NaturesLens Seasonal Birds of Prey Photography Workshops is an event designed to provide an amazing opportunity to photograph Owls & other Birds of Prey through Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn, in a variety of iconic & stunning seasonal backdrops such as bluebells, a blue summer sky, autumnal woodland & snow. Using professional falconers & trained birds, NaturesLens tutors will assist you in capturing natural-looking & spectacular pictures that would be almost impossible to achieve with wild birds without months or even years of work.

Suitable for amateurs & professional photographers alike, each birds of prey photography workshops will contain a mix of perched & flying shots in some really special set ups that would appeal to & impress everybody from amateur & professional photographers alike. Birds that we will have the opportunity to photograph include Barn Owl, Great Grey Owl, Tawny Owl, Peregrine Falcon and Golden Eagle

Our Seasonal Birds of Prey Photography Workshops take place at two stunning locations: the first is a stunning private estate located in the heart of Kent; we have access to a secluded 700 acre private estate with formal gardens, woodland & parkland; the second is a Castle located in East Sussex – this offers a dramatic venue with incredible landscapes and views of the castle & moat. The exterior is virtually complete and the ramparts rise dramatically above the moat. Enough of the interior survives to give an impression of castle life.

Group numbers on each seasonal birds of prey photography workshop are strictly limited to a maximum of 6 photographers, split into 2 groups of 3, to allow everyone to get a great position.

Please note that these workshops are seasonal, especially the winter workshop & whilst we will strive to run them as close as possible to the advertised date, these are subject to change to ensure you have the best possible opportunities for each season.


Woodland Tawny Owl photographed on a nature photography workshop

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