Posed Golden Eagle

Specialist Birds of Prey Photography WORKSHOPS

Our Specialist Birds of Prey Photography Workshops take place at two stunning locations: the first is a stunning private estate located in the heart of Kent; we have access to a secluded 700 acre private estate with formal gardens, woodland & parkland; the second is a Castle located in East Sussex – this offers a dramatic venue with incredible landscapes and views of the castle & moat. The exterior is virtually complete and the ramparts rise dramatically above the moat. Enough of the interior survives to give an impression of castle life.

The NaturesLens Specialist Birds of Prey Photography Workshops offer an excellent opportunity to not only capture stunning images in natural surroundings, but also act as an excellent environment in which to learn composition, perfecting exposure & new approaches.

The workshops are geared to working on just 2 or 3 birds, using some wonderful settings to complement the natural surroundings that these birds would normally occupy in the wild. The objective of the day is to leave with a series of extremely high quality shots as opposed to a multitude of shots of different birds or hundreds of the same bird.

Although the day is priced higher than days which include more birds, the intention is to spend quality time with the subjects, ensuring that each member of the small group of photographers leaves with photos that have the real “wow” factor.

Posed Golden Eagle taken on a nature photography workshop

Available Dates

If no events are listed below, that means that NaturesLens currently have no specialist birds of prey  photography workshops scheduled, however we are happy to arrange these workshops on a bespoke basis, please contact us to arrange such a workshop for yourself.
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