Owls in Snow Photography Workshop

December 29 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm – £200

The NaturesLens Owls in Snow Photography Workshop is an amazing opportunity to photograph Owls & other Birds of Prey in snow without having to go to the enormous expense of travelling to Finland, Norway or Alaska.  Using professional falconers & trained birds, we will help you to capture natural-looking & spectacular pictures that would be almost impossible to achieve with wild birds without months or even years of work.

Suitable for amateurs & professional photographers alike, the owls in snow photography workshop is a mix of perched & flying shots in some really special set ups that would appeal to & impress everybody from amateur & professional photographers alike. Birds that we will have the opportunity to photograph include Barn Owl, Great Grey Owl, Canadian Great Horned Owl, Golden Eagle & Bald Eagle.

This NaturesLens workshop lends itself to the pursuance of beautiful winter pictures to bolster the portfolio of any wildlife photographer who wants to showcase the beauty of winter wildlife.   

Bookings are accepted in advance but please note that this workshop is seasonal and is only available once the snow arrives. As with all things that are weather related, this can be at very short notice so make sure you have your phone on you to take our call!