Puffin on cliff edge

Welsh Clowns of the Sea

Skomer Puffins Photography Holiday

June 8 – June 10, 2014 – £325

Puffins, the clowns of the sea, are probably the most recognisable, iconic & well loved of Britain’s seabirds. Found in colonies around the UK coastline, they are a particular high point of many photographers calendar & are a welcome return to the summer coastlines. Their colourful and distinctive appearance, ease of approach & humorous behaviour make for an ideal photography subject, whilst the shot of a puffin with a mouthful of sand-eels is every nature photographers dream. Several locations are around the UK are attracting high levels of interest in visits to their colonies – these include the Farne Islands, the Shetland Isles and many of the areas off Scotland’s coastline, plus several islands on the welsh coastline.

Our Skomer Puffins Photography Holiday dates have been chosen to be in the middle of the breeding season and will, hopefully, provide the classic puffin with a mouth of sand-eels photographic opportunity.

Our workshop is of a residential nature, we have secured overnight accommodation for three nights on the island, Saturday, Sunday & Monday nights, these are difficult to obtain, as such we expect the places to go very quickly.