White Tailed Sea Eagle sat on drifting pack ice in Japan by .

White Tailed & Steller’s Sea Eagle Photography in Japan during Winter

Japanese Winter Wildlife Tour to Yudanaka & Hokkaido – Red-Crowned Cranes, Whooper Swans, Snow Monkeys, White Tailed & Steller’s Sea Eagles

February 10, 2018 – February 23, 2018 – £5249

This is the opportunity to be guided by NaturesLens & travel through a winter landscape in a country heavy with tradition, where you can encounter & photograph entrancing snow monkeys, beautiful dancing red-crowned cranes, dreamlike swans on a snow covered frozen lake plus both Steller’s & White Tailed Sea Eagles on drifting pack ice. Our trip also accommodates chance encounters with Ural OwlsRed Foxes & more native wildlife.

This tour offers a journey from Tokyo to Yudanaka & Hell’s Valley for the Snow Monkeys, then onwards to Hokkaido for over a week of exploring this fascinating northern Japanese island & it’s wildlife.