United Kingdom Nature Photography Workshops & Tours

Each of the NaturesLens nature photography workshops or tours is suitable for both amateur & professional photographers alike. All the workshops provide fabulous opportunities to photograph animals & birds within the UK, many being wild & within a natural habitat.

On our birds of prey photography workshops, the subjects might include northern owls or eagles, but the focus remains on getting fantastic shots to add to a photographic portfolio. Dependent upon the level of participants, any of the NaturesLens nature & wildlife photography workshops can be combined with a element of tuition with the intention of improving camera usage, composition & general photographic techniques.

British Mammals Nature Photography Workshop

When you think of iconic British wildlife, the species that jump to mind include badgersotters, stoatshedgehogs & almost certainly the fox. The NaturesLens British Mammals workshop provides fantastic opportunities to photograph all these species. But there are more besides; low down intimate photos with water volesshrews, a capture of the snarl of a wildcat, harvest mice perched atop a head of corn, pine marten peeking through logs, wild boar snuffling the grass & beaver swimming through water. All these shots are also easily achievable at the venue that we make use of.
British Mammal Photography available on many of the NaturesLens Nature Photography Workshops

Birds of Prey Photography Workshops

We use two different locations for our Birds of Prey Workshops, both have a wide variety of backdrops & settings: the first is a stunning private estate located in the heart of Kent; we have access to a secluded 700 acre private estate with formal gardens, woodland & parkland; the second is a Castle located in East Sussex – this offers a dramatic venue with incredible landscapes and views of the castle & moat. The exterior is virtually complete and the ramparts rise dramatically above the moat. Enough of the interior survives to give an impression of castle life.
Birds of Prey Photography available on many of the NaturesLens Nature Photography Workshops
We make use of professional falconers & trained birds which enables you, the photographer to get suitably close to some of these magnificent birds for some eye level, frame filling portraits. Alternatively,the available natural  backgrounds lend themselves to superb”bird in the environment” shots. We work with the falconers to hide the jesses to make the shots look as natural as possible.
Owl Photography available on many of the NaturesLens Birds of Prey Photography Workshops

Basic Birds of Prey PhotographyWorkshops

Advanced Birds of Prey PhotographyWorkshops

Specialist Birds of Prey PhotographyWorkshops

We currently have no specialist birds of prey naturephotography workshops scheduled but we are happy to arrange these workshopson a bespoke basis. Please contact us to arrange such a workshop foryourself.

Seasonal Birds of Prey PhotographyWorkshops

Seabird Photography Workshops within theUK

From the puffin laden islands of Skomer & Skokholm, located off the welsh coast, through Northumberland to the Farne Islands & onwards to Bass Rock, then finally to the Hebredian Islands off the coast of Mull in ScotlandNaturesLens have a range of seabird photography workshops that cover puffins, gannets & more besides.
We can arrange small group weekends to Bass Rock, which isthe largest gannet colony in the world. We recommend going late in the season, as this affords the opportunity of photographing the gannet chicks,known as “guga”.
The Skomer Puffins Photography Holiday is something quite special – a residential workshop with three nights on Skomer Island itself, allowing for photography when the day trip guests have left & the golden light affords the best opportunities.
Puffin & Seabird Photography available on one of the NaturesLens Wildlife Photography Workshops

wildlife photography workshops in Wales

In addition to the Skomer Puffins Photography Holiday mentioned above, NaturesLens run further nature & wildlife photography workshops in Wales.Our Welsh Owl & Raptor Spectacular is now in it’s 4th year of running, with a number of clients returning year after year, due to the fact that we are able to vary  the birds, the backdrops & other content. We also combine Red Kite photography at a number of sites with our wildlife photography workshops to photograph puffins or the birds of prey mentioned above.Finally, we are in the last stages of planning for a weekend combining the best of the Red Kite locations & waterfall photography.
Owl Photography available on the NaturesLens Nature Photography Workshops

wildlife photography workshops in Scotland

Scotland, notably the Highlands & the Cairngorms NationalPark, is one of our favourite locations, both for a wildlife photography workshop or for personal photography. During the summer months,photograph ospreys diving to feed their young on trout; majestic sea eagles soaring above the lochs ofMull, then skimming the water to grab a fish; plus, of course, the comical puffins of Lunga. In winter, the wildlife photography opportunities are rich for photographing red squirrels in their rusty coats with ear tufts proudly displayed, the elusive crested tit, regal red deer in fantastic settings of natural glens & with a bit more effort, mountain hare and ptarmigan.Scottish Highland Wildlife Photography available on one of the NaturesLens Wildlife Photography Workshops