Japanese Trio of classic wildlife images

Worldwide Nature & Wildlife Photography Tours & Workshops

In addition to our selection of UK workshops & tours, NaturesLens undertake both group & bespoke wildlife photography tours to destinations outside our home country. In the past, we’ve travelled to India to photograph the majestic bengal tiger, to Africa for the breadth of wildlife available, to Japan to experience the wonderful winter wildlife, to Yellowstone in the US to photograph the stunning winter wildlife & many more countries besides.

The locations & countries may change but the focus remains the same, getting fantastic shots to add to a photographic portfolio. Dependent upon the level of participants, any of the NaturesLens nature & wildlife photography tours & workshops can be combined with a element of tuition with the intention of improving camera usage, composition & general photographic techniques.

Japanese Winter Wildlife Photography Tour

Commencing in Tokyo & meeting at Narita Airport, the NaturesLens Japanese Winter Wildlife Tour first travels to the Jigokudani Valley, to photograph the monkeys of “Hell’s Valley”, where steam & boiling water bubbles from small crevices in the frozen ground, surrounded by steep cliffs & formidably cold & hostile forests. It is here, that you will be able to photograph the snow monkeys as they go about their daily business, not worried by the humans who visit them.

From the Jigokudani Valley, our Japanese winter wildlife tour returns briefly to Tokyo, then travels onwards to the island of Hokkaido. Hokkaido is the second largest, northernmost & least developed of Japan’s four main islands.

Our first main location is Akan National Park which is located in eastern Hokkaido, at this location the focus is on photography of the red-crowned cranes. Following this, we spend two days at Lake Kussharo, undertaking photography of the whooper swans at the various calderas around which they gather. In addition some amazing opportunities are presented for in flight, taking off & resting on ice shots, all within a dreamlike landscape.

From Lake Kussharo, our tour moves to the Shiretoko Peninsula , it is here that the population of Steller’s Sea Eagles & White-tailed Sea Eagles hunt for fish on the pack ice, our tour includes three days of photographing the impressive sea eagles, with a 5am & 9am cruises each day.Japanese Trio of classic wildlife images

Poland’s Eagles Photography Workshops

Visualise yourself visiting a hide in central Poland, where large numbers of white tailed eagles gathering in front of the photography hides & the photographic opportunities are both abundant & presented in front of you, that is the nature of this NaturesLens White Tailed Sea Eagle Winter Photography Workshop & is surely one of the highlights of the natural world.

The behaviour that singles out this site & makes the opportunities so special for White Tailed Sea Eagle winter photography, is that any gathering of eagles  in these large numbers invariably leads to fights over the supplementary food put out for them. If we are lucky enough to get snow for our visit, then the fighting can reach frenzied levels, and leads to incredible photographic opportunities.

Poland's White Tailed Sea Eagles photographed on a wildlife photography tour
  • Join NaturesLens in either January or February 2015 to photograph the magnificent eagles.

India’s Tigers – Bandhavgarh Photography Tour & Safari

There are few sights in the natural world that are more awe-inspiring than seeing a wild Tiger at close quarters.  Join NaturesLens on our tour to incredible India to photograph the mighty Royal Bengal Tiger. Just sitting in the jeep, waiting for the gates to the park to open will send adrenaline coursing through the veins, whilst every movement in the undergrowth raises the expectation of a sudden appearance by that instantly recognisable striped body, pug marks in the dust or the warning cries of deer serving only to heighten the almost unbearable sense of anticipation & excitement.

Our 10 day tour concentrates on the wildlife, but particularly the Tigers of Bandhavgarh National Park, the reserve is best known for its high density of tigers. The park lies in a region steeped in history & in the heart of the reserve, atop an 800-metre plateau, stands the ruin of the magnificent Bandhavgarh Fort which bears testament to the succession of dynasties that once ruled the area.

The itinerary for the Tigers of Bandhavgarh India Workshop has been designed to minimise travelling time & maximise our time looking for the majestic Tiger.  We will use domestic flights rather than an overnight train to reach the park more quickly, where we have planned for a total of 13 game drives in the premier Tala Zone.

  • Join NaturesLens in April/May 2015 to photograph the magnificent tigers.