Bandhavgarh is home to a large amount of wildlife here is a baby Langur Monkey cradled in it's mothers arms image captured during the NaturesLens Bengal Tigers of India Photography Holiday

Peter’s review of our Bengal Tigers of India Tour

In the beginning of May 2017, it was time for us to make our second attempt to capture images of the impressive Bengal Tigers of India, when I write second attempt it’s because Linda – my wife – & I, had previously been to Bardia National Park in Nepal for the very same reason,  but, because the tigers in Nepal are much wilder, it was difficult to get as close to them as we would like.

So, on this occasion, we joined NaturesLens on a trip to Bandhavgarh National Park in India. Bandhavgarh is one of the best tiger reserves in the world, with the highest population of Bengal Tigers, so the odds seemed good & the NaturesLens Bengal Tigers of India Photography Holiday looked to tick all the boxes of what we hoped to achieve.

We met with Pui Hang & David of NaturesLens in New Delhi airport, also with them were Jayne & Simon, two guests from the UK, meaning that we had a nice little group of 6 persons in total.

The flight from New Delhi to Jabalpur is a relative short flight in a small plane. Getting the gear to fit in the overhead luggage compartment could have been a problem, but it turned out to be no problem at all, even David managed to persuade the cabin crew with a rather loud “IT WILL FIT” that his bag would fit, & it did!

After the flight & a drive, we arrived to Tala & our wonderful accommodation, which would be our base for the next 7 days. & a very nice base it was, large rooms, nice bathrooms, &, of course, a pool to cool off in.

The stunning accommodation that is used whilst staying in Bandhavgarh during the NaturesLens Bengal Tigers of India Photography Holiday

The lodge which stay at during the the NaturesLens Bengal Tigers of India Photography Holiday is luxurious and has a large pool during

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A Golden Eagle stares straight down the lens at the photographer photographed during the NaturesLens Spanish Raptors Photography Holiday

Sean reports in from our Spanish Raptors Photography Holiday

Last month saw me heading off to the mountains of the Sierra Morena in Spain leading the NaturesLens Spanish Raptors Photography Holiday.

I knew from the itinerary that had been planned that it was going to be an amazing week of photography with some great sightings & photo opportunities. After a very early flight, the group & I arrived in Spain meeting up with the local guides. After a couple of hours on the road we arrived in the local town of Adamuz, which would be our base & home for the duration of the trip. The town is situated in beautiful natural surroundings & is a very picturesque location. Due to the time we arrived, we decided we were going to explore a few wildlife locations that we would be working on over the coming days. It was a great afternoon exploring our surroundings & getting some ideas for the images to come.

The next day we split into two groups to keep noise etc to a minimum whilst working from the hides. A couple of us spent the day in the Golden Eagle hide.

A magnificent Golden Eagle photographed during the NaturesLens Spanish Raptors Photography HolidayA Golden Eagle peers around a log photographed during the NaturesLens Spanish Raptors Photography Holiday Read more

Dotty looks back, she is one of the new mothers of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve captured during the NaturesLens Bengal Tigers of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday

Jayne reports back from our Indian Wildlife Photography Holidays

My first visit to India was in April 2016, also with NaturesLens, & I absolutely fell in love with the place, we had some awesome tiger sightings in Tadoba, but let’s just say I came away with some ‘unfinished business’ so it didn’t take much persuading to book myself onto the Indian Wildlife Photography Holidays that NaturesLens had arranged for May 2017.

In the weeks prior to our trip there had been many posts on social media showing some amazing tiger sightings so the anticipation grew, & Bandhavgarh didn’t disappoint. It has to be said, however, that nothing is guaranteed – we heard of a few people who had seen very little but NaturesLens put everything in place to give their clients the absolute best opportunity, securing top class drivers & guides, who, over our time in Bandhavgarh, became part of our ‘Team Tiger’ group.

When I refer to ‘sightings’ I really mean ‘photographic opportunities’ not a shadow in the bush which is hardly distinguishable or a bum shot! When I say ‘photographic opportunity’, I mean time to capture an image of quality that meets my own personal standards & that I would be happy for others to see. In total, over the week the group encountered 17 different tigers, some shared moments with numerous other folk & some very special exclusive moments with no one else around other than one Gypsy vehicle – just you & the tiger – those really are moments to treasure.

This image is very much one shared with practically everyone else on safari. For several days Kankatti & her cubs visited the waterhole at pretty much the same time each day so naturally, everybody gathered to witness this special event. We sat & we waited for over an hour in the blazing heat – about 45˚ – & then suddenly the sound of camera shutters. I couldn’t see anything to start with thanks to a beautiful growth of bamboo but then the family appeared, walking around the waterhole & bathing in just the perfect spot.

Kankatti and cubs a regular sight in Bandhvagarh in May 2017 captured during the NaturesLens Bengal Tigers of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday

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Photograph the Bald Eagles of the Pacific Northwest

The rivers of Washington on the Eastern coast of the United States runs through some of North America’s most dramatic scenery; the forests are home to diverse wildlife species, including the Bald Eagle, the rivers provide a fantastic spawning habitat for salmon. It is the only large river system in Washington that contains healthy populations of all five native salmon species & two species of trout.

NaturesLens invites mid-level & experienced wildlife photographers to participate in a new photography holiday, which involves navigating the waterside territory around Concrete, Washington, by boat, to photograph the population of bald eagles that winter in the area.

A bald eagle flies over a river in the valleys of the Pacific Northwest

We have chosen this location carefully to present another opportunity for a fantastic bald eagle photography experience. The areas we will use on the Skagit River are home to nearly 1000 eagles as they feed on the abundant supply of spawning chum salmon. Throughout the duration of this photography holiday, you will be presented with many chances to capture images of the eagles in flight & in their environment, providing for you the opportunity to capture both wide-angle pictures & up-close.

Join NaturesLens on a photography experience that offers opportunities to fill your photography portfolio with images of the bald eagle. Based in the town of Concrete, Skagit County, we will venture out every day on boats to capture stunning photographs of the bald eagle.

The full details of this exciting trip are available here.

Limited places available on our Dalmatian Pelican Photography Holidays for 2018

Year on year, our Dalmatian Pelican photography holidays produce stunning imagery, with the photogenic Dalmatian Pelicans, a vast lake & the backdrop of the mountain range, it is not hard to see why.

Now only two places remain available for the 1st of our Dalmatian Pelican photography holidays in 2018 – full details of the trip are available here …

In full breeding plummage with their pouch a vibrant orange the dalmatian pelicans make for an entrancing photographic subject photographed on one of the NaturesLens Dalmatian Pelican photography holidays

The second set of dates is now full!

Almost prehistoric in appearance the dalmatian pelicans of Greece are extremely photogenic photographed on one of the NaturesLens Dalmatian Pelican photography holidays

One Of The Adult European Brown Bears Poses On Rocks - Photographed On The Natureslens Slovenian Bear Photography Holiday

A better price for Slovenian Bear Photography

If in 2017, you would like to capture some images of the European Brown Bear, specifically to undertake some Slovenian Bear photography, we have been able to reduce the prices of our Slovenian Bear Photography Holidays, the trip in May tumbles from £1599 to £1399, whilst the September date sees an even larger reduction to £1249.

A trio of images of the fabulous European Brown Bears & their cubs - photographed on the NaturesLens Slovenian Bear Photography Holiday

The first Slovenian bear photography trip in May is to be led by Sean Weekly; this photography holiday runs for the dates of May 20th – May 25th 2017, the second trip, over the dates of September 2nd – September 7th 2018 is lead by Kevin Morgans, 2017 will be the second year of our visits to the Slovenian forests & will see an upgraded set of hides which have also increased in number.

There are travel days either side of the trip, but as a minimum you can expect to experience 4 days, in which you will spend the early morings & late afternoons in the Slovenian bear photography hides, hopefully taking advantage of various European Brown Bear photography opportunities – you will also have the opportunities for usig the bird hide in the guest house’s gardens, to seek out the rare Ural Owl, to vist some local landscape photography spots or to head deep underground into some amazing underground caves that were used in prehistoric times by the forefathers of the bears of the area.

Lunch, dinner, bed & breakfast accommodation & transportation within Slovenia is included. Accommodation is in a comfortable family run guest house, owned by the proprietor of the bear hides, who has a wealth of knowledge & enthusiasm to share with our clients – we don’t have single supplements & we don’t have shared rooms for this trip, it’s on a non-shared room basis (like almost all of our trips).

Dalmatian Pelican Photography Holidays in 2018

If you fancy photographing the Dalmatian Pelicans of Lake Kerkini in 2018 – we have spaces left in limited numbers on both our Dalmatian Pelican Photography Tours – you can view all the details of the first trip to photograph the Greek Pelicans here or the second trip to photograph the fabulous birds of Kerkini is detailed here.A trio of images of the fabulous Dalmatian Pelican - photographed on the 2017 photography holiday in Greece

The first trip has a number of places left, which runs for the dates of January 11, 2018 – January 15, 2018, the second trip, over the dates of January 15, 2018 – January 20, 2018 looks like it might be approaching full capacity, 2018 will be the fourth year of annual visits to the Greek lakes & will follow the format that has evolved over the last few years.

There are travel days either side of the trip, but as a minimum you can expect to experience 3 days filled with Dalmatian Pelican photography opportunities – at least 3 boat trips onto Lake Kerkini included – plus 3 shoreline feeds at sunset – & an extra shoreline feed on the morning that the group leaves for the airport. Our itinerary is not fixed to the above however, if there are opportunities for a feed on the way to the hotel from the airport, on the first afternoon, you will undertake a shoreline feed to capture some initial images.

You will have opportunities to capture a wide selection of images; portraits & closeup shots of perched Dalmatian Pelicans, pelicans calling, flying, fighting for fish; plus wider bird in the landscape images to show impressive backdrop to the lake with the snow covered mountains in the distance.

The timing of the workshop is deliberate to photograph the birds whilst they are in their breeding plumage & looking their most impressive.

Lunch, dinner, bed & breakfast accommodation & transportation within Greece included. Accommodation is in a comfortable hotel on the shores of Lake Kerkini – we dont have single supplements & we don’t have shared rooms.