Royal Bengal Tiger photographed in Bandhavgarh India on a wildlife photography workshop featuring the Tigers of Bandhavgarh

We didn’t have an opportunity to visit the Tigers of Bandhavgarh during the just completed season, we headed to other tiger reserves in India … but Anjan did, & has kindly granted us permission for us to use some of his recently captured images – Many Thanks Anjan!

In 2017, we will be returning to Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh, our Tigers of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday will once again take place in Bandhavgarh National Park, best known for having the highest density of Bengal Tigers of all the Indian national parks.

The Rajbehera female's male cub - photographed by Anjan Lal - join NaturesLens in April 2017 on a wildlife photography holiday to Bandhavgarh

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Although our main photography holiday for the birds of the Spanish plains takes place in late April or early May; for the first time this year, we additionally visited at the end of May, specifically over the bank holiday weekend. Our local guide opined that some of the species would have left & the young of others would have fledged, so there was a possibility of a lesser selection of species to photograph – this would not be a hardship, given only four photography sessions over the weekend & plenty of species remaining, we would still have plenty to photograph.

As it turned out, this was not the case, we had virtually the same species as those who had visited 6 weeks previous; due to rains earlier in the season, the bee-eaters were still courting, nest-building & mating, the black-shouldered kites had not departed for their migration south & many other species were still displaying a full set of behaviours.

Jason was amongst those who accompanied us on this trip to our location, which is about 90 minutes from Madrid, he has kindly sent in a selection of the images that he captured whilst on the Spanish plains, he had sessions with shrike, bee-eater, hoopoe & time in the carrion hide, which sees visits from black & red kites, storks, many vultures, ravens & more.

We have one place remaining available for the 2017 weekend, which will be held between the dates of May 27th – 29th 2017, if you’d like to attend & capture images of the birds of the Spanish plains for yourself, send us a message using our contact form.

Jason has kindly sent us a selection of his images that we are happy to publish below:

A male bee-eater delicately passes a freshly caught insect to a female of the species - photographed on a NaturesLens Photography Holiday to Spain to photograph the birds of the Spanish plains Read more

Dalmatian Pelicans are by a small margin the largest of the pelican species & as a whole one of the largest living bird species.

Almost prehistoric in appearance, the dalmatian pelicans of Greece are extremely photoegenic - photographed on the NaturesLens Dalmatian Pelicans of Lake Kerkini wildlife photography holiday

An adult pelican can measure up to 185 cm in length, weigh up to 15 kg in weight & have a wingspan of up to 350cm. A Dalmatian Pelican’s average weight is around 11.5 kg, which makes it amongst the heaviest flying bird species in the world, although the largest individuals among male bustards & swans may be heavier than one of the largest individual Dalmatian pelican.

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If you ever wondered how some of our photography holidays come about, many of them are worked on with our clients, between us ideas are born & from there progressed, or as Derek, who attended the NaturesLens Osprey Photography Holiday, says …

“It was about two years ago that David & I started talking  about the possibilities of photographing Ospreys in Florida. We had both decided that most of the different possibilities of photographing Ospreys in the UK had pretty much been done to death & we wanted to try and get a different portfolio of Osprey images.

David did a lot of work in putting the trip together & also included a variety of birds other than the ospreys at ‘rookeries’ as it was the nesting season for most egret & heron type birds. David, using his contacts in Florida, also managed to locate a site to photograph the 3rd rarest bird in North America, the Snail Kite!

We all knew the trip would be good but it was not until we got there we realised how good … the photography opportunities were simply amazing & the lake setting quite magical just on it’s own.

Hopefully, the images that I captured below will go some way to demonstrating the superb photographic opportunity, I would fully recommend the trip to anyone who wants that different & special image.”

Here is a selection of the images that Derek captured whilst in Florida attending our Osprey Photography Holiday during late-April 2016 …

Wings fully spread, an osprey comes in to land at the nest - most nests are at eye level or just above - meaning photography is engaging - photographed on the NaturesLens Osprey Photography Holiday conducted in Florida during April 2016 Read more

We have one last available place for the Japanese Wildlife Tour, prices have started to rise on the flights from the UK to Japan, to counter this, we have decided to offer the last place at a £249 discount to offset the airfare rise, this is the only discount we will be applying to this trip … & there is only one place available at this price!

Japanese Trio of classic wildlife images

Imagine travelling through a winter landscape in a country heavy with tradition, where you can encounter & photograph entrancing snow monkeys, beautiful dancing red-crowned cranes, dreamlike swans on a snow covered frozen lake plus both Steller’s & White Tailed Sea Eagles on drifting pack ice, this is exactly what the NaturesLens Japanese Winter Wildlife Tour offers.

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We’re happy to announce a second photography holiday to photograph the awesome Dalmatian Pelicans of Lake Kerkini during January 2017 – the first trip is already full & so we have a second set of dates available for you to capture some wonderfully serene images like Richard did in January this year, as you can see below.

A solitary Dalmatian Pelican floats serenely on the milky lake - photographed by Richard Coles during the 2016 NaturesLens Dalmatian Pelican Photography Holiday

The Dalmatian Pelicans, despite what you might initially think, are extremely photogenic, & a heck of a lot of fun, during the trip you’ll take boat trips out on the lake each morning; each afternoon, we will feed the birds at the shoreline, plus we try to fit in a shoreline feed on the afternoon that we arrive and/or the morning that we leave.

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Our ever-popular Puffins of Skomer Island photography holidays for June & July 2017, if you have ever been to Skomer on a day trip, you will know how prolific the puffins are, but you may have had to photograph them in the harsh summer light, which is not optimal … now imagine yourself instead being able to photograph the puffins when the day trippers have left, in the rich, soft light of the late afternoon & evening … that is what you can experience when you attend our Puffins of Skomer Island photography holiday!

One of Skomers famous Puffins at The Wick - photographed on a NaturesLens Puffins Photography Holiday

We include 3 nights accommodation on the island, breakfasts & dinners of delicious warming food, the services of the NaturesLens guides, &, like all our trips, plenty of laughter … places are strictly limited – half the places on the June trip are already booked.

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