A great selection of client images from our Osprey Photography Holiday

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If you ever wondered how some of our photography holidays come about, many of them are worked on with our clients, between us ideas are born & from there progressed, or as Derek, who attended the NaturesLens Osprey Photography Holiday, says …

“It was about two years ago that David & I started talking  about the possibilities of photographing Ospreys in Florida. We had both decided that most of the different possibilities of photographing Ospreys in the UK had pretty much been done to death & we wanted to try and get a different portfolio of Osprey images.

David did a lot of work in putting the trip together & also included a variety of birds other than the ospreys at ‘rookeries’ as it was the nesting season for most egret & heron type birds. David, using his contacts in Florida, also managed to locate a site to photograph the 3rd rarest bird in North America, the Snail Kite!

We all knew the trip would be good but it was not until we got there we realised how good … the photography opportunities were simply amazing & the lake setting quite magical just on it’s own.

Hopefully, the images that I captured below will go some way to demonstrating the superb photographic opportunity, I would fully recommend the trip to anyone who wants that different & special image.”

Here is a selection of the images that Derek captured whilst in Florida attending our Osprey Photography Holiday during late-April 2016 …

Wings fully spread, an osprey comes in to land at the nest - most nests are at eye level or just above - meaning photography is engaging - photographed on the NaturesLens Osprey Photography Holiday conducted in Florida during April 2016 Read more

Birds of Spain, a week of amazing photography

Montagus Harrier photographed in Calera from the hides used on the NaturesLens Calera Photography Holiday

During Mid-April 2015, NaturesLens have been offered exclusive use of some hides in Spain. Located not far from Madrid, the hides provide some great photography of some of the birds of Spain, in short, some stunning species at some awesome locations! This is a trip that offers unique wildlife photography of some of Spain’s best bird species from some of the best hides we know of.

Great Bustard at Sunrise photographed in Calera from the hides used on the NaturesLens Birds of Spain Photgraphy Holiday

Species you should be able to capture incredible images from the hides include the following:

  • Great Bustard
  • Little Bustard
  • Kestrel
  • Lesser Kestrel
  • Kite
  • Black-Shouldered Kite
  • Marsh Harrier & Montagu’s Harrier
  • Hoopoe, Bee Eater, Shrike, Roller & Magpie
  • Curlew & more from a Lake hide
  • Black Vultures

If you’d like to see more sample photos of some of these species, these are available on the booking page – all were taken at the hides that we will be using. If you want to see any further photos, please contact us by email.

Reserve a place on the NaturesLens Birds of Calera, Spain Photography Holiday, with a deposit of only £300, balance due February 2015.

Flights to Madrid are not included in the trip price, but are currently available for an approximate cost of £100.

Montagus Harrier photographed in Calera from the hides used on the NaturesLens Birds of Spain Photgraphy Holiday


Spanish Birds of Calera Photography Holiday

Mating Bee Eaters photographed in Calera from the hides used on the NaturesLens Calera Photography Holiday

Join NaturesLens on an exciting photography excursion suited to wildlife enthusiasts, photographing the diverse bird species that inhabit the plains of Calera. With a wide selection of comfortable hides throughout the area at our disposal, we will provide you with the best bird photography opportunities possible, capturing them in flight, within their habitats & interacting with one another. Working from dawn ’til dusk witnessing this wonderful range of species in action, this is an experience like no other – you can’t afford to miss out!

One of the Black winged Stilts that frequented the lake hide photographed on the NaturesLens Birds of Calera Photography Holiday

The range of bird species which thrive in Calera are a sight to behold. From the Little Owl to Black & Griffon Vultures, their characteristics & common behaviours are diverse, but they all live side by side making up a large proportion of the delicate local ecosystem which exists in this region. Birds can provide some of the most exciting wildlife photography opportunities, as their quick, unpredictable behaviour keeps us on our toes & enables captivating movement & in-flight imagery to be captured.

A pair of Bee eaters gently pass food between them photographed on the NaturesLens Birds of Calera Photography Holiday
Our 9-day excursion to Calera offers individuals opportunities to photograph a huge range of native species, including the Bee Eater, Little Owl, Great & Little Bustard, Black & Griffon Vultures, Lesser & Common Kestrel, Hoopoe, & the Black Winged Kite, as well as many others. We offer an all-inclusive accommodation & meal package to ensure that all you need to worry about is taking unique & mesmerising photographs.

A hoopoe comes in to land showing off the crest which is the trademark feature of these birds photographed on the NaturesLens Birds of Calera Photography Holiday

Sunrise & sunset are often considered the prime times of day for creative photography, so unlike other holidays & tours, we ensure that our photography sessions make the most of these times of day. This provides unrivalled exposure to the variety of species & the environment which inhabit this region.

NaturesLens provides 7 days packed with hide sessions, & on most days you will have the opportunity to use different hides in the morning & afternoon to photograph different species. This trip works on a rotation basis, so that each member of the group gets the opportunity to take photographs from a variety of hides. The region is home to a wide range of Iberian Southern European specialities, & we will do our best to tailor your schedule to one that is personalised to you, if you make us aware of your target species.

A Little Owl with prey photographed on the NaturesLens Birds of Calera Photography Holiday

An adult hoopoe gently feeding a caught insect to one of the young from this years clutch photographed on the NaturesLens Birds of Calera Photography Holiday

One of Spains Black Kites captured in flight against a snowy mountain range photographed on the NaturesLens Birds of Calera Photography Holiday

The freedom we provide with the times of day for photography is important, as many of these bird species are very wary & cautious around humans, & it may therefore be necessary to arrive under the cover of darkness. It will also be advisable to approach slowly, & keep noise at a minimum whilst in the hides so as not to startle the birds, as well as to optimise your chances of photographing the birds whilst they are unaware of your presence.

The weather can vary between different times of day in this region at this time of year, so we advise that you bring layers & prepare from somewhat unpredictable weather conditions. Join NaturesLens for a wildlife photography experience you will never forget. Places are limited, so book today!

A bee eater captured tossing a bee before swallowing it photographed on the Natureslens Birds of Calera Photography Holiday

A Hoopoe delicately feeds its young photographed on the NaturesLens Birds of Calera Photography Holiday

Birds of Calera Photography Holiday Availability


Recommended Equipment


We recommend that you dress up warmly for the early mornings – it can get quite cold sitting in the hide in the early hours. Wearing layers is advisable so that they may be shed at a later stage where necessary.

  •  Warm fleece for early mornings and once the sun has set.
  •  Clothing for hide work should be camouflage or neutral browns & greens.
  •  Water bottle or flask for tea & coffee.

Camera Equipment

  • Digital camera body.
  • Macro Lenses.
  • Lenses in the range 70mm – 200mm.
  • Lenses with f2.8 will give the best light capture & speed of focussing.
  •  Tripod.
  • Spare memory cards.
  • Spare battery.
  • Battery charger.
  • Lens cleaning cloth.
  • Laptop or another type of storage device – we will be shooting lots of images.

Additional Notes

The residential workshop itinerary is subject to change & is to be considered provisional.

NaturesLens residential workshops require a minimum number of participants, if sufficient residential workshop places are not sold the residential workshop may not be run, this residential workshop has a minimum participant level of 4 plus NaturesLens guide(s).

Not all mentioned wildlife can be observed & photographed at all times of the year, thus some activities may be considered seasonal & not available.

Spanish Birds of Calera Photography Holiday BOOKING FORM

All bookings are made subject to our terms & conditions.