Some of Jayne’s images from our Bald Eagles of Alaska Photography Holiday

An Alaskan Bald Eagle Barks In The Air After Successfully Dragging A Fish From The Chilkat River Photographed On The NaturesLens Bald Eagles Of Alaska Photography Holiday

The moment we see the last client off when we’ve ended one of our photography holidays, usually sees us both breathe a sigh of relief, & the end of the recent Alaska Photography Holiday was no different; that point has normally been reached only by planning over a period of several years, by having planned contingency plans & contingency plans for contingency plans; at that juncture, we can perform the final few tasks to wrap the tour up, one of these is to send an email thanking our clients for their participation & inviting them to contribute some images that they captured whilst away with us, to our blog – we love showing off what clients achieve as we feel it is a good measure for other clients to see what can be captured in the relatively short time frame of one of our holidays.

So when our clients send in images or thank us via email we beam from cheek to cheek – it’s even more awesome when we receive a testimonial like this, from Jayne, regarding our Bald Eagles of Alaska Photography Holiday:

“Back home after a fabulous 10 days in Alaska. Been up for about 30 hours so it’s going to be an early night but just wanted to say anyone thinking about a wildlife photographic holiday I can’t recommend NaturesLens highly enough. Every detail is covered to make sure we have the best photographic opportunities & we always have a great laugh together. Thank you David Miles & Pui Hang Miles for everything you do.”

Jayne first published a blog posting of her own, with her recollections of the trip, you can read that blog posting here, then she sent us a selection of different images again, also of the Alaskan Bald Eagles, for us to publish on our blog – so here are those images:

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Ian’s images of the Bald Eagles of Alaska

The Silhouette Of A Soaring Bald Eagle Over The Chilkat Valley Photographed On The NaturesLens Bald Eagles Of Alaska Photography Holiday

Late November 2016 saw the inaugural NaturesLens Bald Eagles of Alaska Photography Holiday to South East Alaska to photograph the Bald Eagle ‘Council’. The ‘Council’ is the annual gathering of thousands of Bald Eagles on the shores of the Chilkat River to feed up for Winter on the late run of Chum or ‘Dog’ Salmon. NaturesLens based the photography holiday in Haines, a small town on the Alaskan coast – & it would be difficult to find a friendlier place.

A Bald Eagle Perched In One Of The Trees That Line The Chilkat Valley Photographed On The NaturesLens Bald Eagles Of Alaska Photography Holiday

As usual David & PN had sorted out all the travel & accommodation detail &, in addition to their presence, we enjoyed the company of 2 local guides, Joe & Thomas, both of whom know the area intimately & are accomplished photographers in their own right. The omens were therefore well set for finding the best sites for capturing images of the main subject for this holiday, the Bald Eagles of Alaska.

The Famous Alaskan Passage Lighthouse That Greets Those Who Travel Up To Haines By Ferry Photographed On The NaturesLens Bald Eagles Of Alaska Photography Holiday

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British Mammals Photography Workshop

Fox and Pine Marten photographed during the NaturesLens British Mammals Photography workshop

If you fancy improving your nature photography skills or the opportunity to capture some amazing images of foxes, wildcats, otters, pine marten, polecat, harvest mice & many more, then join us on our British Mammals Photography workshop.

Polecat climbing down. Photographed at British Mammals Photography workshop run by NaturesLens

To make the most of this weekend of photography, we are adding an afternoon Birds of Prey photo shoot. This will take place on the Saturday afternoon, with the mammal photography starting on the Sunday morning. There is such a wide range of species to photograph at the centre that the only way to do it justice is to spend two & a half days there. Read more