More Osprey Photography from Blue Cypress Lake

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As mentioned previously, there are a number of blog posts coming showing the bird life of Florida from the trip in early 2016, & this is the 2nd of several posts in which I will publish images of some of the wildlife that I was lucky enough to photograph during the week-long trip to photograph ospreys in Florida.

PS my favourite image from this set, is right at the bottom, I was saving, what I thought was the best until last!

A Female Osprey Perched On The Edge Of Her Nest Photographed On The NatureLens Ospreys Of Blue Cypress Lake Photography Holiday

A female osprey perched on the edge of her nest waiting for the return of her mate

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Blue Cypress Lake Osprey Photography Holiday


We have just posted the event page & details for an osprey photography holiday, ospreys are a favourite subject of ours, nesting, diving & skimming the lochs of the Scottish Highlands, they were one of the first subjects that both pushed our abilities & gave us an adrenalin rush, our latest tour ventures further afield than Scotland however; we are heading to Blue Cypress Lake in Florida, where there are between 200 & 300 osprey nests located in the cypress trees around the lake itself.

An Osprey soars above Blue Cypress Lake in Florida - the kind of photographic opportunity that is available on the NaturesLens Ospreys of Blue Cypress Lake Photography Holiday

Spanning seven days, the NaturesLens Blue Cypress Lake Osprey Photography Holiday will include day & evening boat trips out on to the lake on most days, it also includes a day visit to the Viera Wetlands Centre a haven for birdlife & a day visit to an alligator farm with a large wading bird rookery – both offer great photographic opportunities. The timing of the trip is deliberate so that we can observe the parents bringing fish to their new offspring. We should be able to photograph Ospreys on their nests at eye level, diving for fish or gathering nest material. Read more


Ospreys of Blue Cypress Lake Photography Holiday

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As the sun rises over the lake, casting a blue reflection over the surrounding Cypress trees, hundreds of nesting Ospreys come into view. From an early morning boat trip, the light bathing this remarkable location in golden tones, you will have the opportunity to capture the magnificent Osprey in its glory – join NaturesLens on an odyessy to Florida & an eight-night trip to photograph the Ospreys of Blue Cypress Lake.

Heading out to make another catch, one of the many ospreys that flew above the boat evey morning - photographed on the NaturesLens Ospreys of Blue Cypress Lake Photography Holiday

Blue Cypress Lake – so called because of the blue appearance of the cypress trees as the morning sun’s rays reflect off the water – is an idyllic destination for photographers wishing to add remarkable bird images to their wildlife photography portfolio.

Hundreds of Ospreys nest in the beautiful Cypress trees that adorn the lake. There were over 200 nesting pairs at last count, all in the trees which dot the lake’s shoreline & grow into the water. The NaturesLens Ospreys of Cypress Lake wildlife tour is focused on these fascinating birds & their wonderful natural habitat.

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