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Wildlife Photography Holidays

Welcome to NaturesLens – we are a leading wildlife photography holiday provider that can take you on a thrilling journey around the globe. Suppose you're a nature lover, a wildlife enthusiast, or a passionate photographer. In that case, NaturesLens provides the perfect platform to explore the wilderness in all its glory – from photographing Atlantic Puffins under the midnight sun on the remote Icelandic island of Grímsey to the stunning wildlife found on the plains of Africa.

With NaturesLens, you can leave the hassle of travel planning behind, as we take care of all the logistics, including accommodation, transportation, & meals. Our guided wildlife photography holidays & tours are designed to help you focus on your photography, so you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature & capture awe-inspiring images.

For 10 years, NaturesLens has specialised in offering packages for small-group wildlife photography holidays & experiences for photographers of all experience levels. Alongside an experienced team of holiday guides & photographers, NaturesLens provides opportunities to capture magnificent images of rare & exotic birds, reptiles, amphibians & mammals in their natural habitats.

Locations for our wildlife photography holidays include Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Japan, Kenya, Norway, Peru, Romania, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Svalbard & Jan Mayen, United States, Wales & Zimbabwe.

At NaturesLens, we believe every photograph tells a story, & your wildlife photography holiday should be no different. Our wildlife photography holidays are meticulously planned, keeping in mind the light conditions, weather patterns, & the best locations to capture stunning wildlife imagery. Our team of passionate photographers & holiday leaders work tirelessly to ensure that your photography experience is unforgettable, & you can capture images that will last a lifetime.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer, NaturesLens has a wildlife photography holiday that caters to your interests. With our comprehensive range of wildlife photography holidays, you can choose from wildlife safaris in Africa, bird photography expeditions, big cat photography holidays, & so much more.

So why wait? Book your NaturesLens wildlife photography holiday today, & embark on a journey of a lifetime to capture breathtaking photographs of the world's most fascinating species in their natural habitat.
Fabulous Species Worldwide

Bird Photography Holidays

Our bird photography holidays provide a great opportunity to capture a wide variety of species.

For example, our photography tours to Spain provide access to a great selection of birds that you can photograph from Eagles & Vultures to Kites & Kestrels.

Alternatively, we also offer specialized trips for the avid photographer, such as our popular puffin photography holidays.

Puffin Photography

Puffin Photography Holidays in the UK & Iceland

Since 2014, NaturesLens has provided nature photography holidays intending to capture pictures of the Atlantic Puffin. These holidays have been offered in Wales, Scotland, & most recently, Iceland.

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Bird Photography in Toledo

Laguna de el Taray – harriers, eagles, owls, kites, kestrels & more.

Are you looking for a unique photography experience?

Then look no further than this estate in Toledo, which is open all year round & offers a wildlife photography holiday! During Winter, you can catch a glimpse of breathtakingly beautiful raptors & other feathered creatures. In Spring, you can explore the estate & neighbouring areas, filled with steppe birds. In Summer, you can take your pick of a variety of species, including hoopoes, little owls & bee-eaters.

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A Group Of Bubble Netting Whales In The Waters Off The Coast Of Sitka In Alaska

Announcing the amazing NaturesLens Bubble-netting Whales of Alaska photography holiday

Embark on a breathtaking journey with our new Bubble-netting Whales of Alaska photography holiday. All the details of this exciting new trip are in this article!

Capture the magical moment as humpback whales burst out of the water in unison

Capture Images of the Majestic Bubble-netting Whales of Alaska

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Sitka, Alaska, with our Bubble-Netting Whales of Alaska Photography Holiday. With seven nights in single occupancy accommodation in a cosy hotel in central Sitka, & six days packed full of time on the water, you will have plenty of opportunities to capture the magical moment as humpback whales burst out of the water as one, their throat grooves filled with herring, showcasing their extraordinary feeding behaviour, plus other wildlife, including bald eagles soaring through the skies, sea otters playing in the waters, brown bears foraging along the coast, & various seabird species nesting on the rocky cliffs.

Visit Hortobágy in Hungary

Our five-night Winter Eagles of the Hortobágy photography holiday is the perfect opportunity to photograph the many White-tailed Eagles that spend winter in this vast area!

The White-tailed Eagle is one of the largest birds of prey in Europe; these eagles can be seen soaring above the lakes & rivers of the Hortobágy National Park, hunting for their next meal. With their striking white tail & wings, they are a beautiful sight to behold.

Brilliant Bird & Macro Photography

Our Costa Rican wildlife photography holidays are photography-opportunity-laden journeys through the isthmus connecting North & South America.

Our carefully planned itineraries ensure you capture images of some of the most iconic creatures in the region, from macro subjects to mammals to birds.

Join an extraordinary adventure

Experience African wildlife like never before with our ultimate African Wildlife photography holiday. Spend time at both Lentorre Lodge & in the Maasai Mara to capture stunning photos!

Our Ultimate African Wildlife photography holiday has an amazing itinerary, combining the best of two incredible experiences.

Within Africa, NaturesLens currently have 11 wildlife photography holidays scheduled, between 2024 to 2028. Our itineraries use camps & lodges within several regions of Africa, namely Botswana, Kenya, South Africa & Zimbabwe. NaturesLens has access to several lodges & camps that facilitate both day & night photography from sunken hides, usually overlooking waterholes.
Asia is the largest of the five continents on Earth in area & population. The term Asia refers conventionally to the eastern portion of the Eurasian landmass plus the island country of Japan & the island nations of Maritime Southeast Asia. Between 2024 to 2028, NaturesLens have 11 wildlife photography holidays scheduled within several countries in Asia, notably India & Japan.
With an area of 3,938,000 sq miles, Europe is 20% larger than the contiguous United States. Europe is the second-smallest continent, & it could be described as a large peninsula or subcontinent. Europe is the western portion of the Eurasian landmass & is located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere. We currently have 27 nature photography holidays scheduled, covering dates in 2024 to 2028. NaturesLens currently schedule nature photography holidays to Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Romania, Spain, Svalbard & Jan Mayen, Wales & Greece.
Central America refers to the land bridge between the continents of North & South America; it borders the Pacific Ocean in the southwest & the Caribbean Sea in the northeast. Between 2024 to 2028, within Central America, NaturesLens currently have 6 wildlife photography holidays scheduled, notably to Costa Rica.
North America is the northern landmass of the Americas. The third-largest continent on Earth covers an area of 24.7 million km² (9.5 million sq. mi) & is situated in Earth's western hemisphere. The region includes the world's largest island Greenland & the sovereign states of Canada, the United States, & Mexico. Within North America, NaturesLens currently have 11 wildlife photography holidays scheduled, all falling between 2024 to 2028, & travelling to Canada & United States.
Brazil, Colombia, Peru & Chile, all countries in South America contain fabulous locations for bird & amphibian photography. South America is the southern continent of the Americas & is situated in the Western Hemisphere. The fourth-largest continent is mostly south of the equator. South America borders the Pacific Ocean in the west, the Caribbean Sea in the northwest, the Atlantic Ocean in the north & east & the Southern Ocean. The continent is connected to North America by a narrow strip of land known as the Isthmus of Panama. Within South America, NaturesLens currently have 5 wildlife photography holidays scheduled, all falling between 2024 to 2028, & travelling to Brazil, Colombia, Peru & Chile.
With an area of 242,900 km², the United Kingdom is just under half the size of Spain or slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Oregon. NaturesLens have currently scheduled 8 nature photography holidays to Scotland. These tours are generally led by one of our guides with years of experience in a particular species, such as Robin.


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