July 2015 Osprey Photography Holiday

An osprey pulls itself from the water with a trout grasped in its talons photographed on a NaturesLens Wildlife Photography Holiday

An osprey pulls itself from the water with a trout grasped in it's talons - photographed on a NaturesLens Osprey Photography Holiday

We are happy to announce an osprey workshop for July, 2015; NaturesLens have secured accommodation & hide spaces for a stunning Osprey Photography Holiday during July 2015; these osprey photography sessions are one of the most exciting sessions of photography a wildlife photographer can encounter. The sessions typically start at 4.30am, the anticipation builds, the birds come in to fish, a splash as the bird dives to the loch an to grab a trout, then the lift-off … an exhilarating experience to photograph.

The bulk of the days are free for participants to catch up on sleep, however, one of the days does include an early evening session of Osprey Photography in the same hides. These evening sessions provide opportunities for backlit shots.

The NaturesLens Osprey Photography Holiday, which costs £599, includes:

  • Two morning hide sessions for photography of the ospreys as they fish to feed their new offspring.
  • One evening hide session for photography of the diving ospreys.
  • Accommodation at the High Range Lodge Hotel from July 9th – July 11th.
  • Tuition as required.
[su_promotional_box promo_link_text=”Book Now” promo_link=”https://natureslens.co.ukscottish-osprey-photography-holiday/” promo_content=”Reserve a place on the NaturesLens Osprey Photography Holiday in Aviemore, with a deposit of only £150, your balance will be due May 2015.”]

In addition to the Osprey Photography Holiday in Aviemore, NaturesLens will, if demand is sufficient, run a 3 day holiday immediately afterwards to Mull for several days of Sea Eagle Photography. This extension will include transport to Mull, three nights bed & breakfast accommodation, two public Sea Eagle Photography Cruises & two exclusive Sea Eagle Photography Cruises.

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