Black Grouse Lek Photography in Scotland

Calling Black Grouse photographed in the Scottish Highlands during lekking season

One of our personal highlights during 2014 was photographing Black Grouse in Scotland. We have photographed lekking black grouse before at a number of sites, but 2014 was very special! The setting for these sessions of black grouse photography was perfect & the conditions all came together. We are now able to offer this to others, but why stop at just Black Grouse Lek photography? Our tour consists of a packed pair of days which will allow you to also photograph red grouse & the ptarmigan, (a white grouse variant), plus we have great accommodation lined up & some of the best backdrops you could hope for.

Calling Black Grouse photographed in the Scottish Highlands during lekking season

[su_promotional_box promo_link_text=”Book Now” promo_link=”” promo_content=”Reserve a place on the NaturesLens Black Grouse Photography Holiday, with a deposit of only £100, balance due March 2015.”]

We have availability on the four days encompassing the Easter 2015 weekend, so that is either the Friday & Saturday or, the Sunday & Monday. Whichever days you choose, you should leave the pair of days with some fantastic shots, we certainly have done so in the past!

If the climb to the ptarmigan is not suitable, subject to the agreement of all guests, we can substitute in mountain hare, who at this time of year look brilliant as they are changing coat from winter coat to summer, often resulting in multi-coloured hares, some with brown body & white heads, others the inverse with white body but a brown head.

If you would like to book the NaturesLens Black Grouse Lek Photography Holiday, you can view full details here & send through an enquiry.

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