Autumnal Birds of Prey Workshop in Mid-wales

We’ve got a single place that has become available for our Autumnal Birds of Prey Workshop in Mid-Wales, the place costs £200 & includes an evening session followed by a full-day.

Short Eared Owl on Rocks

We have two photography sessions, one, for several hours on the evening of Saturday 8th October, followed by a full day on Sunday 9th October. This is with a falconer that we have worked with for the last 4 year; this year, we are hoping for some autumnal colours & settings for the owls & other birds of prey, we will focus mainly on British species, but the fantastic Great Grey Owl will, of course, be making at least one appearance as well.

Kestrel on a perch taken during the NaturesLens Welsh Birds of Prey workshop

If you would like to join us, please send us an email to [email protected]

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