2018 Wildlife Photography Holiday availability

Some of the NaturesLens Wildlife Photography Holidays for 2018 are now running close to being full or have limited capacity remaining, if you would like to join any of the photography tours & trips noted below, then it may be wise to get a booking in sooner rather than later.

Greece’s Dalmatian Pelicans – the 2nd trip is full, & just two places remain available on the 1st wildlife photography holiday to join Sean in January 2018 to capture images of the awesome Dalmatian Pelicans on Lake Kerkiniwe now only have one place remaining on this trip.

A Dalmatian Pelican lands with little drama on the ice of a frozen Lake Kerkini photographed on the NaturesLens Dalmatian Pelicans Photography Holiday

Yellowstone’s Winter Wildlife – 2 places only remain available to join both Pui Hang & myself in January & February 2018 for some wonderful winter wildlife photography in Utah & Yellowstone.

Japan’s Winter Wildlife – there’s just 1 place available to join me during February 2018 in Tokyo & from there to travel around this most-enchanting of countries to photograph the awesome Winter Wildlife of Japan – this photography tour has now had all places reserved with a deposit, however, we have opened a page for bookings for a 2019 tour which will follow the same format.

A young snow monkey of the Jigokudani Valley photographed on the NaturesLens Japan in Winter Photography Holiday

British Columbian Bears2 places only remain available to join both Pui Hang & myself in the heart of British Columbia & to photograph the bears & other wildlife of the Taku river, during July 2018.
we now only have one place remaining on this trip.

Camargue’s Horses – 2 places available to join Pui Hang in Montpellier during September 2018 & to spend 5 days capturing images of the wild white horses of the Camargue.

Image typical of those that may be captured on the NaturesLens White Horses of the Camargue Photography Holiday (3 of 13)
Washington’s Bald Eagles – 2 places only remain available to join me in December 2018 for some winter wildlife photography of the Bald Eagles that make the rivers of Washington State their home during the colder months.

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