Slovenian Bear Photography in 2018

If you were not aware – we announced it on Facebook – we have had a new guide join us for the 2018 season, specifically for the Slovenian Bear Photography Holidays, welcome aboard Neil Burton. Neil is a frequent visitor to the Slovenian Bear Photography Hides, so will be able to impart his knowledge of the bears & their habitat upon you. Accompanied by Neil, you will spend afternoons & evenings photographing the bears from within comfortable hides deep within the forest.

Neil will be leading both the trips, we have one in July, this is the Slovenian Bears & Cubs Photography Holiday.

European brown bear (ursus arctos arctos)

The second trip is in September, this is the Slovenian Bears of the Forest Photography Holiday.

A bear cub and its mother forage for food within the Slovenian Forests typical of the type of image that you may capture on the NaturesLens Slovenian Bears of the Forest Photography Holiday

Witness this beautiful solitary animal as it roams the fir & beech woodlands, tracking prey across the land that this species has called home for centuries. The images on this blog post & on the event pages, were provided by Neil, you can view many more of Neil’s images of the Slovenian Bears in his own gallery.

Slovenian brown bear
Brown bear in Slovenia
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