The barn owl perched on a vintage water pump photographed during a NaturesLens Birds of Prey Workshop in Mid Wales

Sean’s images from the special set-piece setups that were available at our Autumn Birds of Prey Workshop

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We have been running our Welsh Birds of Prey workshop for a number of years now, so it is important to keep things fresh, especially for guests who have attended before. On this occasion, we took along a water pump & a wooden wheel to facilitate some special setups.

The water pump has been used before but we got so many requests to bring it to the autumn workshop that we couldn't refuse. The shot we were trying to achieve was one where you could just make out the water pump. This involved experimenting with where to position the pump to ensure that enough light fell on the Barn Owl and playing with exposure settings on the camera.

The Barn Owl Perched On A Vintage Water Pump Photographed During A Natureslens Birds Of Prey Workshop In Mid Wales

The wooden wheel was also a much-requested item following the spring workshop. Not wanting to repeat the shot from the earlier workshop, we placed the wheel in a barn to create a studio-style image. Keeping the wheel in an upright position in order to pose the proved to be a bit tricky. Thank goodness we brought along a black and decker!

For this year's spring birds of prey workshop, we will be bringing a pair of hurricane lamps and a different wheel so why not join us on what will be a fun, relaxed workshop. There will be plenty of opportunities to try for some creative portraits of our charismatic birds as well as learning about composition & exposure. If we're lucky, we may even get some flight shots with the Great Grey Owl!

The Little Owl Perched On A Vintage Wooden Wheel Photographed During A Natureslens Birds Of Prey Workshop In Mid Wales

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