Magnificent Winter Eagle Photography in Lithuania

A Solitary White Tailed Sea Eagle On The Snow Of A Frozen Pasture On The Nemunas Delta   Photographed At The Locations Used For The NaturesLens White Tailed Sea Eagles Of Lithuania Photography Holiday

During late-January 2019, you are invited to join Alan & Boris on the Nemunas Delta for this 5-night Winter Eagle photography trip to Lithuania.

Spend four days in the dedicated photography hides located in the heart of the Nemunas Delta, taking photo opportunities with red fox & white-tailed sea eagle & many other species that visit the photography site.

Apart from the Winter Eagle Photography itself, the best thing about this trip to photograph the eagles in Lithuania, is that we have got a discount of £150 applied that brings the cost from £1199 to £1049, this is THE best value White-tailed Sea Eagle photography trip that you will find; plus, it is a relatively unphotographed location as yet, so your photos will be different from the norm!
You will find yourself visiting a location on a frozen pasture on the Nemunas Delta, accompanied by Alan Hewitt & Boris Belchev, with both singular birds & groups of 14-16 White-tailed Sea Eagles gathering in front of the photography hide in which you are situated. Your photographic opportunities should be abundant & presented directly in front of the hide; that is the nature of Winter Eagle photography in this area of Lithuania: seeing congregations of eagles is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the natural world.
The Nemunas Delta has a good breeding population of approximately 50 pairs of White-tailed Sea Eagles, &, generally, there are plenty of birds to photograph. With these eagles, you can expect exciting activity & action photography of this massive raptor; any gathering of eagles in these quantities invariably leads to fights over the additional food set out for them. If we are lucky enough to get snow for our visit, then the fighting can reach frenzied levels & leads to incredible photographic opportunities.
Join Alan & Boris for this Trip to undertake Winter Eagle Photography
To undertake this trip & experience four days of magnificent Winter Eagle Photography for yourself, join , members of the NaturesLens guiding team, in , during January 1970 for a trip lasting 0 nights; this photography holiday will offer you the opportunity to capture images of the ; the NaturesLens is offered on a , room basis, & costs per participant.

All the details of the are available on the dedicated event page.
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