Coming in for a landing on the snow one of the Golden Eagles photographed during the Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter Photography Holiday

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The Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter was Murray's first trip with NaturesLens & he enjoyed himself so much that he went on to book another snow-related tour; which he has just completed, he visited the Ice Grizzlies of the Yukon with both of us.

I have to say that the images which came out of the first Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter photography tour were just stunning! Majestic eagles, little birds & even a fox!

There were plenty of opportunities to capture behavioural shots as well as birds in flight images & from the looks of things; the group were blessed with some fantastic light during the trip. I especially love Murray's sunlit – just look at those gorgeous golden tones on the feathers.

The weather was also kind to our group. There was plenty of snow on the ground & on the days where there was snowfall, it wasn't too heavy. Just as well, because there is nothing worse than having a pin sharp snowflake but an out of focus eagle! One of the highlights of the tour was when a pair of Golden Eagles paid a visit to the hide.

I love snow photography as I think the snow lends itself to clean images & adds a magical air to them. I like how Murray slowed his shutter speed to elongate the snowflakes to great effect on his Jay & Woodpecker images.

Guests often ask us what lens we recommend to take on our Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter trip. The answer is never straightforward because it always depends on the type of shot that you are after. Long lenses work best if you are looking to obtain nice portrait shots. However, these long lenses may prove to be too long when the eagle opens its wings! So it's always best to bring a couple of lenses to cover off both eventualities.

Thanks to Murray for sharing some of his beautiful images with us. We will see you again soon!

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