9 Gorgeous Bird Images from Alan’s Zimanga Photo Safari – Mkhombe hide

An African Brown hooded Kingfisher captured at the Mkhombe Hide during the NaturesLens Zimanga photo safari

I mentioned at the beginning of this series of blog posts that Alan attended our Zimanga Photo Safari primarily to photograph birds. So, it seems only right that I dedicate this final blog post to his visits to the Mkhombe Pool Hide.

For those of you who have read my journey to photograph the South African Wildlife of Zimanga report, you may recall that I mention that this hide almost turned me into a bird photographer! The variety of bird species available to photograph here is simply immense & watching these pretty coloured birds come & go will put a smile on your face.
Alan used a combination of the Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS II USM with a Canon EF 1.4x III extender to photograph these stunning birds. It is also possible to use a 500mm lens to get tighter portrait shots.

The Mkhombe Pool Hide is a birdbath hide but there are perches on one side of the reflection pool & pretty flowers on the other side to provide a greater variety of shots. The red-billed quelea is said to be the most numerous bird species in the world & there were plenty of them here! The blue waxbill & the spectacled weaver provided Alan with plenty of colour for his portfolio.

However, the little birds didn’t have a monopoly on colourful plumage. I loved the emerald-spotted wood dove with their “go faster” metallic green patches & the beautiful reds on the black collared barbet. Zimanga also has the equally colourful crested barbet. A special mention has to go to the coucal for it’s fabulous blood-red eyes.


Many thanks to Alan for sharing so many of his stunning photos from his Zimanga Photo Safari with us. I return to Zimanga in May 2019 with a new group of guests & having written this series of blog posts, I can’t wait to go back there!
We have a couple of places remaining on our September Zimanga Photo Safari so if Alan’s images have inspired you, why not join us? You can find more details on our South Africa’s Wildlife of Zimanga Photography Holiday here.

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