8 images of the fabulous Tree Frogs of Bulgaria

A European Tree Frog on a reed photographed during the NaturesLens Reptiles Amphibians of Bulgaria Photography Holiday

The European tree frog (Hyla Arborea) has to be one of the most adorable of all the Tree Frogs of Bulgaria & it is by far my favourite frog. Not only are they super cute & charismatic, but they also change colour! Depending on the temperature they can range from dark grey/brown through to the bright green & this change can happen surprisingly quickly too.

During early spring the frogs gather in breeding ponds or swamps where the males call to attract the females. The noise at these ponds is just incredible & almost deafening as these little frogs all call together. Once the breeding season has finished, they all disperse back across the areas.
We encountered this little frog in a few places, from near the Danube Delta down to the south near Kresna Gorge. They are the most easily recognisable of the frog species found in Bulgaria & the most fun to photograph be it during the day or at night.
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