9 more images showing off the beautiful birds of Kerkini

An egret perched on one of the submerged trees in the dead forest photographed during the Spring Birds of Kerkini photography Holiday conducted by NaturesLens

This is the second of the blog postings from Steen’s visit to northern Greece during Spring 2019 with us to capture images of the beautiful birds of Kerkini – the first blog post. can be found here.

Whilst the focus was undoubtedly going to be the bailouts birds found on Kerkini’s lake & in the surrounding wetlands, we hoped to photograph some of the other iconic birds. These included bee-eaters, hoopoe, storks & little owls. It would be fair to say that nature thwarted us for two of these species, but we were told of a hoopoe nest within one of the buffalo farms adjacent to the river so it seemed churlish not to pay it a visit. The result was several hours of hoopoe watching & photography.
Fabulous sunrises on several mornings led to dramatic scenes. We already knew that the mountains, lake & pelicans could inspire dramatic scenes from our winter trips, but as we sat in the boat waiting on the golden light to arrive, there was a palpable sense of anticipation.
We were fortunate enough to come across a nest of storks within the village of Kerkini itself & spent some time photographing & just watching the parent feeding the chicks. Sometimes, it is good to put the camera down & just marvel at the wonder of nature. We felt privileged to have been able to witness this gentle interaction in this little stork family.
Squacco herons hunt & feed by standing very patiently & perfectly still, whilst waiting for prey to approach. They feed during the day but especially concentrates on crepuscular foraging, which can start an hour before sunrise, which is when we encountered them, & last until 90 minutes after sunset. These herons were so full of character & photogenic & presented us with many photographic opportunities from reflections to behaviour.
Lake Kerkini is home to two species of pelican. The famous Dalmatian Pelican & the White Pelican. We were able to get quite close to this particular White Pelican as it floated serenely on the waters of the submerged forest. They may not be as stunning or pre-historic looking as the Dalmatian Pelican but there is something about their colouring & features that make them endearing.
Steen said “what an absolutely amazing trip to Kerkini! I was excited to experience a different season & Lake Kerkini in early Summer did not let us down.”

Thanks to Steen for sharing his wonderful images with us.


To photograph the Spring Birds of Kerkini yourself, join David, in Greece during June 2020 for a trip lasting five nights. This photography holiday is ideal for photographing a wide variety of migrant & resident birds, including bittern, black stork, cattle egret, cormorant, dalmatian pelican, great crested grebe, great white egret, grey heron, night heron, squacco heron, white pelican, white stork & more!

The photography holiday is offered on a full board, non-shared basis. Group size for this photography holiday is a minimum of 3 participants & a maximum of 7, plus David. Until March 2020, there is a special offer reducing the price to £1599 available.
All the details of the Spring Birds of Lake Kerkini photography holiday are available on the dedicated event page.

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