A report & a discount for the Bears of Finland

One of the male bears pauses in front of the photographic hides photographed during the Majestic Brown Bears Cubs of Finland Photography Holiday

For the 2019 season, we decided to improve our Bears of Finland photography tours by visiting not just one but two different centres. During this photography trip, our group travelled to Viiksimo to photograph adult bears, wolf & wolverine before moving on to Suomussalmi to photograph super cute bear cubs with their mothers.

This two-centre approach allows the clients to take advantage of a network of hides located within the Taiga forest. Some of the hides are placed in front of a pond where you can capture gorgeous reflections; some are placed in the swamp area which is great for atmospheric shots & some are placed in a forest setting, where if you are lucky, you may capture shots of a bear or even a wolverine climbing a tree!
I can honestly say that you will not forget your first bear encounter! For me, it was almost as exciting as my first tiger sighting. They are such majestic creatures that you forget to breathe as they lumber into view.
I always recommend taking a variety of lenses when photographing the bears. A wide-angle such as the Canon 16-35mm would be handy for an “in the environment’ image. A mid-range telephoto lens such as a 100-400mm is excellent for flexibility. Even a 400mm or 500mm could be useful for any wildlife that might be shy about coming in too close.
During the 2019 photography trips, our guests were treated to some fantastic opportunities of the adorable bear cubs at Suomussalmi & their playful antics just melted everyone’s hearts. There was one cub that was so tiny that they nicknamed him “Chihuahua”!
The Wolverine is also known as the Skunk Bear, but despite its name, it is the largest member of the Mustelidae family. Their lolloping gait can make them tricky to photograph, so make sure you have a fast shutter speed. I also recommend adding a little bit of exposure compensation to get some detail in their dark faces.
During both 2018 & 2019, our guests brought their luck enabling them to photograph wolves during our Finland Bears trip. On both occasions, the wolves appeared during the blue hour, which for me, just gave their images a fairytale-like quality.
The pandemic meant that this photography holiday didn’t run during 2020, but we are very much looking forward to returning in 2021. If you would like to join us, details of our Majestic Brown Bears & Cubs of Finland Photography Holiday can be found here.
Until the end of August, we are running a special offer for the 2021 photography holiday of £200 discount & don’t forget our Book A Trip with Confidence guarantee. If the tour doesn’t go ahead, we will be flexible & will shift travel dates or offer full refunds at no extra charge.

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