12 fantastic raptor reasons to visit Laguna de El Taray during the winter

One of the Bonellis Eagles flying over grassland photographed at Laguna de El Taray during the winter months

Camilo, who owns the estate which encompasses the Laguna de El Taray recently sent us a huge stock of images captured during the winter months; if you needed a reason to convince you to join the trip during the winter months to El Taray, here are twelve of them!

When I first visited Laguna de El Taray, there were no Bonelli’s Eagles present; now, due to the conservation efforts of Camilo & his team, there are several, including a mated pair.
But the estate is home to many other raptors, large & small, we have waxed lyrical about the kites & harriers previously, & during the summer about the amazing colony of Lesser Kestrel; but the estate also supports an important goshawk population, a growing number of Spanish Imperial Eagles, Little Owls & several common kestrels.
Camilo recently switched to a mirrorless system; all of the images on this page, including this beautiful common kestrel photograph, were captured on one of his Sony α9 II bodies coupled to a FE 600mm F4 GM OSS lens.
In addition to the Bonelli’s Eagles, Spanish Imperial Eagles are now found frequenting the laguna & the surrounding grasslands, making for some excellent photographic opportunities.
Our next winter trip is during January 2022, which gives people plenty of time to get vaccinated with both shots & for the world to hopefully start to get back to whatever the new normal will be.
You can guarantee 2022 will see us champing at the bit to show our guests the estate, the fantastic birds & the hides, which facilitate capturing some stunning images.
You can find more details about our offering to photograph the Winter Birds of Toledo by clicking the button below.
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