What are Guaranteed Departures?

Guaranteed Departures are scheduled photography holidays with dates that we can already confirm are 100% certain to run as they already have the minimum number of people booked.
To guarantee a departure, we normally require the minimum number of deposit-paid guests as shown on the dedicated event page.
This means that if the photography holiday you want to book is NOT guaranteed yet, it is very likely that it WILL be after you book. You can always ask us if the photography holiday will be guaranteed with your booking.

How many Departures are Guaranteed

Almost all of our photography holiday departures are guaranteed to run. Some of our photography holidays are guaranteed to run more than 1 year ahead of time. Other dates may not get guaranteed until 2 months ahead of time. Every week we receive more bookings & guarantee more departures.

The holiday I am interested in does not have a Guaranteed Departure, should I worry?

No, not at all. It usually means we are waiting for 1 or 2 more people to book your photography holiday. It may also mean that we are still working to confirm a specific photography holiday service, such as a boat or hotel. These rules vary from location to location, & so our team needs to constantly work with our partners to make sure we always run our photography holidays with the best services, transport, accommodation & photography experiences, possible.

Do you ever cancel Photography Holidays?

Seldom. It is uncommon for us to cancel a photography holiday if someone has already booked on it. This happens less than once per year, it is very uncommon. As we require full photography holiday payment at 90 days before the departure, that is the latest date at which we will wait to guarantee a departure.

What about Natural Disasters?

Just like any photography holiday operator, some things can occur which are out of our control. Our photography holidays head to remote locations in Canada, to vast plains in Kenya or to a winter wilderness in Japan. Problems rarely happen in the regions that we travel to, but various events COULD result in photography holidays being unable to run. We have not had any of these situations occur in many years. But, should such an event happen, your travel costs should be covered by your cancellation travel insurance – which we always insist upon you purchasing. Additionally, we are also insured as required by the Package Tour Regulations – you can read the full details of that here.

What are the benefits of Guaranteed Departures?

The main benefit of guaranteed departures is that you can safely book other travel plans for before or after your NaturesLens photography holiday. If you find a great deal on airfare & your departure is guaranteed, you can book it knowing your photography holiday will definitely run. For travellers who are booking multiple photography holidays or are on an extended holiday, this helps make sure your NaturesLens travel itinerary fits perfectly into the rest of your travel agenda.