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Our selection of wildlife photography holidays in Asia

An exceptionally beautiful Stellers sea eagle poses on a outcrop of frozen pack ice located on the coast of Rausu captured NaturesLens during the Winter Wildlife of Japan Photography Holiday

Hokkaido is undoubtedly David’s star location of our nature photography holidays to various parts of Asia, but other parts of the continent are firm favourites of Pui Hang, & feature heavily in our wildlife photography tour portfolio, from the tigers & leopards in India, notably in the reserves of Bandhavgarh, Kanha & Bera; to the rich & varied wildlife of Sri Lanka.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is home to a vast number of species, our photography trip enables you to spend a week in this amazing location, seeking photographic opportunities with almost 380 species, these species fly from distant places like Siberia & Central Asia specifically in winter. Migratory birds at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary include several species of Cranes, Pelicans, Geese, Ducks, Eagles, Hawks, Shanks, Stints, Wagtails, Warblers, Wheatears, Flycatchers, Buntings, Larks & Pipits.
The Bengal Tiger is a feature of both our photography adventures to Kanha National Park & Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, but the wildlife in these natural parks is so much wider than the Bengal Tiger, often including deer, birds, antelope & much more besides.
When you think of India, you instantly think of the tiger, but like Bharatpur, the Little Rann of Kutch is a delight for those wishing to capture images of birds & other lesser-known species, including the wild ass & desert fox. Our photography adventure to Bharatpur also includes a pair of days at Blackbuck National Park; Blackbuck National Park also known as Velavadar National Park a beautiful sanctuary created for saving the Blackbucks.
Japan, what haven’t we said before about Hokkaido that can’t be said again – Japan & particularly Hokkaido is just amazing for photography in the winter, perfect for you if you want to capture images of the Steller’s & White-tailed Sea Eagles on snow, Red-crowned Cranes dancing together, Ural Owls huddled together in trees or the Whooper Swans on a frozen lake.
No photography trip to Japan in winter is complete without a visit to the Snow Monkeys – although we would be first to admit that you don’t need to spend too many days there, it would be crazy to miss out on the Japanese Macaques & their thermal pool.
Finally, Sri Lanka, this is a photography trip that features so many species, our Sri Lankan Wildlife Photography Holiday includes boat trips to search for the elusive Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin & the massive super pods of Spinner Dolphins, Sperm Whales & possibly Orcas, Short Finned Pilot Whales, Risso Dolphins, Brydes Whale & other marine species. Wilpattu for Leopard & Sloth Bear, Yala for the leopards & other jungle wildlife. River cruises to see the Saltwater Crocodiles, nighttime spotting of sea turtles & the opportunity to photograph blue whales from the air.
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Capture the Wildlife Highlights of Costa Rica

A Keel billed Toucan photographed during the NaturesLens Costa Rican Wildlife Photography Holiday

We have posted details of a new nature photography trip for 2022 that anyone who fancies a trip to photograph the Wildlife Highlights of Costa Rica might want to take a closer look at – of course, this trip is covered by our booking promise.

The trip is a condensed version of our well-regarded Wildlife of Costa Rica tour, we have scheduled this tour for March 2022, the difference is that it is of 11 nights duration as opposed to 15 – it includes the major highlights of the wildlife of Costa Rica, but also includes a brand new area that is not included on the extended tour.
Our invitation is for you to join Ian in Costa Rica for this nature photography tour which encompasses three different areas of this beautiful country.


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Birds of the Swedish Winter

The amazing goshawk which delighted the photographers in front of their hide photographed by Robin Lowry during the NaturesLens Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter Photography Holiday

Ok, let me start by talking about the elephant in the room for the 2020 Birds of the Swedish Winter trip! On this trip, the golden eagles did not visit us, even though they were in the area. There could be a few reasons why this may have happened. We know that one of the male area eagles had gone missing & we believe it may have sadly died. We are patiently waiting to see when another young male eagle takes over its territory. Also, the weather could be some of the reason too, by not being cold enough. The temperature was above zero for a lot of the time, which is too warm for some of the eagles that live in this area to be hungry to come in & feed. There are around five different golden eagle nest sites within this territory. With so many potential eagles to visit, it was extraordinary not to see any at all here on this trip. Sadly, the eagle not showing up has happened only once before around 8-9 years ago during the 35 years Conny has been monitoring & watching the eagles, so it’s uncommon for this to have occurred.

NaturesLens plan this trip for when the eagles are the most likely to come down to the hides which are early March.
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10 more stunning images of the Spring Birds of Lake Kerkini

A night heron perched within the dead forest photographed during the Spring Birds of Kerkini photography Holiday conducted by NaturesLens

This is the second of the blog postings from David’s visit to photograph the spring birds of northern Greece in June 2019. The first blog post can be found here.

The squacco heron has replaced the green heron as my favourite comical heron. There’s just something about their features & character that makes me smile whenever I see photos of them. The low perspective really helps to make these two images.
Gorgeous light helped to illuminate the feathers on this cormorant. I think this is my favourite image from all the ones that David sent in.  A simple portrait but the bird just pops & I love all the detail in the feathers. Continue reading

Birds of Central Spain at El Taray

One of the estates fabulous raptors flies across grassland photographed during the NaturesLens Birds of Toledo photography holiday at Hides del Taray

Our photography tour to El Taray to photograph the Birds of Central Spain was a new trip for 2019 but I can see how it may well become our flagship Spanish birding tour. There is literally something for everyone whether you like raptors, pretty little birds or wading birds.

Ellen was one of our guests on our inaugural trip and she very kindly sent in these stunning images for us to share with you.

We were originally attracted to El Taray because it is home to the largest colony of lesser kestrels that we have ever encountered. However, we soon discovered that the number of species that can be photographed here is simply phenomenal! This includes wild Goshawk that is not live-baited.
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Lammergeier and Golden Eagles – Trip report

A Lammergeier soars above the hides wings fully outstretched photographed during the NaturesLens Lammergeier Golden Eagles of Spain photography holiday

Early December, I headed off to Spain with a lovely group of photographers to photograph lammergeiers or bearded vultures, griffon vultures, black vultures and golden eagles in the Pre-Pyrenees of northern Spain. I was especially excited about leading this trip because photographing the lammergeier has long been a dream of mine.

The drive to the base for the hides from the hotel took around 45 minutes. Once off the main road; the drive up was very picturesque with views across the mountains and valleys topped off with some wonderful autumn colours.

On the first day, we all went to the lammergeier hides. This was a short drive or a lovely walk up to the feeding site with a choice of three hides. Each offered a different perspective from the chance to capture close up portraits to wider angle flight shots.
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10 stunning images of the Spring Birds of Lake Kerkini

A night heron hunts for fish in the shallow waters of Lake Kerkini photographed during the Spring Birds of Kerkini photography Holiday conducted by NaturesLens

David was another attendee on our Spring Birds of Lake Kerkini trip in June 2019. He sent in so many stunning images that we decided to spread them over two blog posts.

A regular NaturesLens client, David has also visited Lake Kerkini with us many times for the iconic Dalmatian Pelicans. In fact, after he visited Lake Kerkini for the second time with us, he asked us, “when are you going to run a trip to photograph the spring birds?”

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9 more images showing off the beautiful birds of Kerkini

An egret perched on one of the submerged trees in the dead forest photographed during the Spring Birds of Kerkini photography Holiday conducted by NaturesLens

This is the second of the blog postings from Steen’s visit to northern Greece during Spring 2019 with us to capture images of the beautiful birds of Kerkini – the first blog post. can be found here.

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