2023 – Helgoland’s Grey Seals Photography Holiday

Example Of The Type Of Image That You Will Have Opportunities To Capture During The NaturesLens Grey Seals Of Helgoland Photography Holiday
You are welcomed to join NaturesLens co-founder, David, on a photography adventure consisting of several days of photography of Helgoland’s Grey Seals on the harsh coastline of a German Island in the North Sea, home to an impressive population of Atlantic grey seals & harbour seals. David will guide you throughout, aiding you in capturing stunning images of these impressive animals, while respecting their fragile natural environment.
Wildlife photography of any seal population has been a controversial issue in recent years, & therefore ethical & respectful photography practices are necessary to ensure that the seals & the environment do not come to any harm. NaturesLens have created this photography holiday with issues of sustainability & animal welfare in mind by devising a schedule which allows wildlife enthusiasts to experience the seals first-hand & capture striking photographs, all the while being mindful of their welfare & what precautions are necessary to preserve their natural habitat.
Join NaturesLens to capture images of the grey seals colony at Düne Island, in Germany, during the Helgoland’s Grey Seals photography holiday. This photography holiday is of 5 night/6 day duration on a Half Board, Non-Shared basis & costs £1199 per participant.
NaturesLens invites wildlife photographers on a 5 night long adventure to the harsh coastline of Düne & Helgoland, a pair of small islands in the North Sea, capturing images of the impressive seal population of Helgoland’s Grey Seals within this bleak weather-beaten landscape.
Each day, you will travel to the Düne beaches by ferry, where you will be able to photograph seals with guaranteed sightings & great shots. At all times, David will guide you during the photography activities & will be heedful of the seals, preventing any disturbance of the animals by keeping at a safe distance from both adults & pups, while using longer lenses to capture the best possible images.
The cost of this photography tour is £1199 per participant per participant which includes return transport between Hamburg Airport & Cuxhaven, ferry costs to reach Helgoland from Cuxhaven, luggage costs on the ferry, five nights accommodation, the first in Cuxhaven, then on Helgoland itself on a dinner, bed & breakfast basis, & a final night in Hamburg; four crossings to Düne from Helgoland. Numbers are restricted to ensure that the trip is sustainable, ethical & enjoyable for every photographer, so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment!
Photographable Species: grey seal
[tec_event_itinerary_title][itinerary_element tagline="day 1"]arrive hamburg airport & transfer to cuxhaven[/itinerary_element] [itinerary_element tagline="day 2"]ferry from cuxhaven to helgoland[/itinerary_element] [itinerary_element tagline="day 3"]early-morning & late-afternoon seal photography on beaches of düne[/itinerary_element] [itinerary_element tagline="day 4"]early-morning & late-afternoon seal photography on beaches of düne[/itinerary_element] [itinerary_element tagline="day 5"]early-morning seal photography on beaches of düne, ferry to cuxhaven, & transfer to hamburg[/itinerary_element] [itinerary_element tagline="day 6"]transfer to hamburg airport[/itinerary_element]
One of the large bull seals lies on the sands of Dune island image captured during a NaturesLens Seals of Helgoland Photography Holiday
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