At NaturesLens, we offer an increasing number of wildlife photography holidays that take in a number of locations worldwide, enabling you to capture images of nature at its finest.
We arrange regular scheduled trips to various destinations as listed below, those listed below, are either fully focussed upon or include an element of capturing images of the brown inca hummingbird.
For more information about each destination, get in touch today! Or view our frequently asked questions page to discover what such a trip involves.
All our wildlife photography tours & holidays may be viewed here, we cover a growing number of locations worldwide.

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Hummingbirds & Wildlife of Ecuador 15 nights - 29th October - 13th November 2022Ecuador £4999  £3999 * per participant
Join David Miles, one of the co-founders of NaturesLens, in Quito during October 2022 for 15 nights; take the opportunity to capture images of the wildlife of ecuador; the NaturesLens Hummingbirds & Wildlife of Ecuador photography trip is offered on a full board, non-shared room basis, & costs £4999  £3999 per participant.

Last Place Available

Species: andean cock-of-the-rock, andean condor, andean coot, andean gull, andean teal, andean tit-spinetail, black solitaire, black-billed mountain-toucan, black-capped tanager, black-chested buzzard-eagle, black-chested mountain-tanager, black-faced ibis, black-mandibled toucan, black-throated brilliant hummingbird, black-winged ground-dove, blue-backed conebill, blue-crowned manakin, blue-winged mountain-tanager, bronzy inca, brown inca hummingbird, capped heron, carunculated caracara, chestnut breasted coronet, chocó toucan, club winged manakin, collared inca hummingbird, empress brilliant hummingbird, fawn-breasted brilliant hummingbird, flame- faced tanager, giant antpitta, glistening-green tanager, glowing puffleg hummingbird, golden- collared honeycreeper, golden-breasted puffleg hummingbird, golden-headed quetzal, golden-napped tanager, golden-tailed sapphire hummingbird, golden-winged manakin, gould’s jewelfront hummingbird, great potoo, great sapphire-wing hummingbird, green honeycreeper, green thorntail hummingbird, green-crowned brilliant hummingbird, green-crowned woodnymph hummingbird, hoatzin, hooded mountain tanager, inca jay, lacrimose mountain-tanager, lemon-rumped tanager, long-wattled umbrellabird, macaw, magpie tanager, moss-backed tanager, mountain-tanager, moustached antpitta, ocellated tapaculo, ochre-breasted antpitta, orange-breasted fruiteater, orange-eared tanager, pale-mandibled araçari, parakeet, parrot, pavonie quetzal, powerful woodpecker, purple-backed thornbill hummingbird, purple-bibbed whitetip hummingbird, páramo ground tyrant, rainbow-bearded thornbill hummingbird, red-billed parrot, rufous antpitta, rufous motmot, rufous-breasted antthrush, rufous-throated tanager, scarlet- bellied mountain-tanager, shining sunbeam hummingbird, silver-throated tanager, silvery grebe, stripe-headed brush-finch, sword-billed hummingbird, swordbill hummingbird, torrent duck, toucan barbet, tourmaline sunangel hummingbird, turquoise jay, velvet-purple coronet hummingbird, violet-fronted brilliant hummingbird, violet-headed hummingbird, violet-tailed sylph hummingbird, wattled guan, white capped dipper, white necked jacobin hummingbird, white-capped tanager, white-throated quail-dove, white-whiskered hermit hummingbird, wire-crested thorntail hummingbird, yellow-billed pintail, yellow-breasted antpitta

Details of this Photography Holiday

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