At NaturesLens, we offer an increasing number of wildlife photography holidays that take in a number of locations worldwide, enabling you to capture images of nature at its finest.
We arrange regular scheduled trips to various destinations as listed below, those listed below, are either fully focussed upon or include an element of capturing images of the grass snake.
For more information about each destination, get in touch today! Or view our frequently asked questions page to discover what such a trip involves.
All our wildlife photography tours & holidays may be viewed here, we cover a growing number of locations worldwide.

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2022 Nature & Wildlife Photography Holidays & Tours


Greek Macro Wildlife of Kerkini 7 nights - 5th - 12th June 2022Greece £1849  £1499 * per participant
A Silver Studded Blue Butterfly photographed during the Butterflies of Bulgaria Macro photography holiday
Join Dobromir Domuschiev, a member of the NaturesLens guiding team, in Kerkini during June 2022 for 7 nights; take the opportunity to capture images of the macro wildlife of kerkini; the NaturesLens Greek Macro Wildlife of Kerkini photography trip is offered on a half board, non-shared room basis, & costs £1849  £1499 per participant.

Last Place Available

Species: agile frog, balkan goldenring, balkan green lizard, balkan spoon-winged-lacewing, balkan whip snake, banded agrion, beautiful demoiselle, black-tailed skimmer, black-veined white, blue chaser, broad scarlet, broad-bodied chaser, brown argus, camberwell beauty, clouded yellow, comma butterfly, common blue, common bluetail, common clubtail, common darter, common toad, common wall lizard, cream-spot tiger moth, dingy skipper, dragon lily, duke of burgundy, eastern bath white, eastern festoon, eastern knapweed fritillary, eastern lizard orchid, eastern spadefoot, eastern wood white, emperor moth, ermine moth, european glass lizard, european green lizard, european terrapin, european white water lily, five-spot burnet, forester moth, fringed water lily, giant centipede, giant peacock moth, grass eggar moth, grass snake, grecian copper, green hairstreak, green toad, green underside blue, green-eyed hawker, grizzled skipper, hermann’s & spur-thighed tortoise, holly blue, hummingbird hawk-moth, ilex hairstreak, iolas blue, lady bird spider, large brown, large red damselfly, large skipper, large tortoiseshell, large white, lattice brown, lesser emperor, lesser spotted fritillary, little tiger blue, marsh frog, meadow brown, minstrel bug, narrow-bordered bee hawk, nettle-tree butterfly, nine-spotted moth, northern wall brown, olive bee hawk, orange tip, painted lady, pearl-bordered fritillary, philaeus chrysops – a jumping spider, pollen beetle, pool frog, praying mantis, puss moth, queen of spain fritillary, red admiral, red-veined darter, rose chafer, safflower skipper, salamander, sand boa, scarce swallowtail, six-spot burnet, slender scotch burnet, small blue-tailed damselfly, small copper, small emperor moth, small heath, small pincertail, small skipper, small tortoiseshell, small white, southern green stink bug, southern skimmer, southern white admiral, speckled wood, spurge hawk-moth, transparent burnet moth, tree frog, variable damselfly, wall brown, wedge-lipped orchid, white-tailed skimmer, wood tiger moth, woodland ringlet, yellow underwing moth, yellow-bellied toad, yellow-winged darter, еarly marsh orchid

Details of this Photography Holiday

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