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2022 – Greek Macro Wildlife of Kerkini Photography Holiday

June 5 - June 12

£1849  £1499
A Silver Studded Blue Butterfly photographed during the Butterflies of Bulgaria Macro photography holiday
  • Macro Wildlife

    of Kerkini

    Join NaturesLens in Kerkini on this 7 night photography trip to Greece.

    This photography holiday will offer fantastic photo opportunities as our group explores the surrounding lakes, mountains & meadows.

    5th - 12th June 2022

    £1849  £1499 per participant

    Special offer pricing available, other conditions may apply.

    Last Place Available - £400 deposit required to secure a place

    Group size: 4 - 5 participants - last place available..

    Bookings close: March 5, 2022

    Make a Booking EnquiryMake a Booking

    Macro Wildlife of Kerkini - £1849  £1499 per participant

    Special offer pricing available, other conditions may apply.

    5th - 12th June 2022
    £1849  £1499 per participant
    last place available.
    £1849  £1499 per participant - last place available.
  • For the past 6 years, NaturesLens has taken guests to Lake Kerkini to photograph the Dalmatian Pelicans during the winter months; in 2019, we added a new photography tour, to photograph the birds of the lake & it’s environs during spring, when new life & young birds were on the lake; for 2020, we are pleased to invite guests for a week of amazing macro photography – join Dobromir for the Greek Macro Wildlife Of Kerkini photography holiday, which will offer fantastic photo opportunities as you venture in & around the surrounding lakes, mountains & meadows.
    Lake Kerkini, in the Northeast of Greece close to the border with Bulgaria, is one of those scarce places in Europe where you can get up close to nature & bird life. Kerkini & the surrounding areas are wetlands like no other you have ever experienced before; the wetlands are home to a vast number of birds species, many of which have a status of endangered.
    Since this photography tour is all about macro photography, you will find the amphibians, reptiles, insects & flowers to be incredible, with 100’s of varieties, for example, of moths & dragonflies.
    Join NaturesLens to capture images of Macro Wildlife of Kerkini, in Greece, during the Greek Macro Wildlife of Kerkini photography holiday. This photography holiday is of 7 night/8 day duration on a Half Board, Non-Shared basis & costs £1849  £1499 per participant.
    The area we will visit is rich in various habitats within a relatively small area, making it an excellent location for discovering this unique ecosystem. The habitats which are ours to explore are home to a wide variety of flora & fauna; therefore, a wide range of different & exciting macro possibilities will be on offer.
    Our hotel is close to Lake Kerkini but nestled against the Belasitsa Mountains which provides a stunning backdrop. This hotel offers the perfect home for our week of photography, additionally allowing us to set up specific areas for evening moth photography. Finally, our view over the lake & back to the mountains will provide us with, conditions allowing, a stunning vista for at one or more evenings of Astrophotography.
    Dobromir will be on hand to advise on how to capture intimate & captivating portraits of frogs, toads, lizards, moths, butterflies, insects, flowers & other invertebrates in their natural habitats. Dobromir will be available to provide tuition & guidance for all levels, including the basics of macro photography, working with both light panels & natural light & composing your macro shots.
    While it would be a tall order to find & photograph all the following species during the trip, all of the following have been found in the area during previous visits


    Eastern Festoon, Southern White Admiral, Little Tiger Blue, Camberwell Beauty, Scarce Swallowtail, Large White, Small White, Black-veined White, Eastern Bath White, Orange Tip, Eastern Wood White, Clouded Yellow, Green Hairstreak, Ilex Hairstreak, Holly Blue, Green-Underside Blue, Iolas Blue, Brown Argus, Common Blue, Duke of Burgundy, Large Tortoiseshell, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Painted Lady, Nettle-Tree Butterfly, Eastern Knapweed Fritillary, Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Lesser Spotted Fritillary, Queen of Spain Fritillary, Speckled Wood, Small Heath, Meadow Brown, Northern Wall Brown, Wall Brown, Lattice Brown, Large Brown, Grizzled Skipper, Dingy Skipper, Small Skipper, Large Skipper, Safflower Skipper, Small Copper, Grecian Copper, Woodland Ringlet, Comma Butterfly & more.


    Giant Peacock Moth, Slender Scotch Burnet, Grass Eggar Moth, Forester Moth, Wood Tiger Moth, Cream-spot Tiger Moth, Yellow Underwing Moth, Five-Spot Burnet, Nine-Spotted Moth, Six-Spot Burnet, Transparent Burnet Moth, Ermine Moth Enterpia Laudeti, Puss Moth, Small Emperor Moth, Emperor Moth, Spurge Hawk-moth, Hummingbird Hawk-Moth, Olive Bee Hawk, Narrow-Bordered Bee Hawk & more.

    Dragonflies & Damselflies

    Green-Eyed Hawker, Blue Chaser, Broad-bodied Chaser, Black-tailed Skimmer, Southern Skimmer, White-Tailed Skimmer, Red-veined Darter, Balkan Goldenring, Lesser Emperor, Broad Scarlet, Common Darter, Yellow-winged Darter, Small Pincertail, Beautiful Demoiselle, Banded Agrion, Large Red Damselfly, Common Bluetail, Common Clubtail, Small Blue-tailed Damselfly, Variable Damselfly & more.

    Reptiles & Amphibians

    Sand Boa, Grass Snake, Balkan Whip Snake, Salamander, European Glass Lizard, Common Wall Lizard, European Green Lizard, Balkan Green Lizard, Hermann’s & Spur-Thighed Tortoise, European Terrapin, Green Toad, Common Toad, Tree Frog, Eastern Spadefoot, Yellow-Bellied Toad, Marsh Frog, Agile Frog, Pool Frog & more.

    Other Insects, Spiders, Beetles & Grasshoppers

    Lady Bird Spider, Philaeus Chrysops – a Jumping Spider, Praying Mantis, Balkan Spoon-Winged-Lacewing, Rose Chafer, Pollen Beetle, Minstrel Bug, Southern Green Stink Bug, Giant Centipede & more.


    Wedge-Lipped Orchid, Еarly Marsh Orchid, Eastern Lizard Orchid, Dragon Lily, European White Water Lily, Fringed Water Lily & more.
    We keep the itinerary throughout the week flexible as we guarantee that under the guidance of Dobromir, the group will want to take advantage of the local conditions & species.
    This trip may be combined with our Butterflies & Macro Subjects of Bulgaria Photography Holiday which runs the following week – the combination of this pair of trips will ensure that any photographers portfolio of images of Lilliputian world of dragonflies, moths & butterflies is packed full.

    Greek Macro Wildlife of Kerkini Photography Holiday Itinerary

    day 1

    flight to sofia from home location & transfer to kerkini, afternoon photography session if time permits

    day 2

    morning & afternoon photography in the lake environs, mountains & meadows which surround kerkini

    day 3

    morning & afternoon photography in the lake environs, mountains & meadows which surround kerkini

    day 4

    morning & afternoon photography in the lake environs, mountains & meadows which surround kerkini

    day 5

    morning & afternoon photography in the lake environs, mountains & meadows which surround kerkini

    day 6

    morning & afternoon photography in the lake environs, mountains & meadows which surround kerkini

    day 7

    morning & afternoon photography in the lake environs, mountains & meadows which surround kerkini

    day 8

    transfer to sofia & flight to home location

    A Glanville Fritillary Butterfly covered with dew photographed during the Butterflies of Bulgaria Macro photography holiday
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    Make a Booking Enquiry

    To make a booking enquiry, please complete the form below & we will get back to you as soon as possible.
    You are making an enquiry for the Greek Macro Wildlife of Kerkini photography holiday, which is scheduled for the dates of 5th - 12th June 2022 & costs £1849  £1499 per participant

    , this photography holiday requires a deposit of, £400 to secure a place.
    This form collects your entered details for the purposes of a booking enquiry.
    Please view our privacy policy for full details on how we protect & manage your submitted data.

    How to Book

    Before booking, it is important that you read the relevant photography holiday event page & our Booking Terms & Conditions. If you have any doubts regarding your suitability for this photography holiday, please contact us.
    To book, simply click the relevant link from the event page on our website. You will then be sent a booking form & a copy of our terms & conditions. In order to secure your place on the selected photography holiday, simply complete the booking form with details of all persons travelling & holiday indemnity, in relevant cases, & return to us (either by email or by post) with confirmation that the deposit has been paid. Payments should be made via bank transfer.
    A deposit of 20% is required at the time of booking unless you are booking less than 90 days before departure. In this case, full payment of the photography holiday price is required.

    Recommended Equipment

    Recommended Camera Equipment

    For this photography holiday, we would recommend that you have available, an array of lenses at the lower end of the scale, the longest lens you will require will be a 70-200mm, but a dedicated macro lens or extension tubes is going to the be the workhorse for this photography holiday. A wide angle would also be useful if you fancy capturing some birds in the environment shots.

    If you own a lens with an aperture of f/2.8 within the recommended focal length, bring it! These will allow you to focus on your subject faster & will also be useful in low light conditions.

    You should also pack a tripod to help steady your lens, especially when you are out photographing at dawn & dusk.

    Recommended Clothing

    For this photography holiday, the weather can be changeable so we would recommend that you pack layers of thin fleeces or mid shirts & jumpers since you can remove items of clothing as you start to warm up. You don't need to bring camouflage clothes but please do pack neutral coloured clothes so that you blend into the landscape. You should also bring a warm waterproof coat & waterproof trousers in case it rains, so you are covered for all eventualities.

    Silk gloves or a thin pair of thermal gloves with rubber grip on the fingers & palm will help to keep your hands warm. Silk gloves are great for wicking away moisture from your hands, leaving them dry & therefore lovely & warm. Gloves where the fingers are cut away so that you can operate your camera with them on would be a good substitute.

    Don't forget to pack sensible waterproof walking boots & a warm hat to protect your head.

    Additional Notes

    NaturesLens photography holidays do not include flights unless it is explicitly stated on the event page. When it is time to book your flights, we will send you the details in plenty of time to allow for bookings at the best available price.
    The photography holiday itinerary is subject to change & is to be considered provisional.
    NaturesLens photography holidays require a minimum number of participants in order to be viable. If this minimum number is not met, the photography holiday may not go ahead. This photography holiday has a minimum participant level of 4 plus NaturesLens guide(s).
    In the event that the minimum number for a photography holiday to go ahead is not reached, NaturesLens reserves the right to cancel any given photography holiday. In that event 100% of monies received will be returned. However, NaturesLens is not responsible for expenses incurred by its customers.
    Not all mentioned wildlife can be observed & photographed at all times of the year, thus some activities may be considered seasonal & not available.
    Please note the cuisine on many of the NaturesLens photography holidays is authentic & typical of the region in which you are travelling. International or western cuisine is often NOT available. If you have any concerns over the food arrangements or have any special dietary requirements, please contact us prior to making a booking.
    All personal luggage are the responsibility of the owner & we request that photography holiday participants limit their luggage to the equivalent of one suitcase, one flight bag, one camera bag & tripod. We do not wish to appear dictatorial in this matter & the request is made to ensure space & comfort for everyone in our vehicles.
    NaturesLens & its agents act only as agents for the passenger in all matters relating to travel arrangements, & as such, do not assume responsibility for injury, accident, damage, loss, delay or irregularity which may occur via defect of transportation or any other cause.
    NaturesLens reserves the right to substitute hotels, & other previously outlined arrangements as necessary, to either improve or equal the travel experience.
    NaturesLens reserves the right to pass on to photography holiday particpants any additional & unplanned expenditure incurred during a photography holiday, via events beyond the control of NaturesLens. NaturesLens reserves the right to accept or decline any person as a member of any photography holiday.
    Payment of deposit by photography holiday participants or their representative constitutes their acceptance of all conditions contained herein.
    All bookings are made subject to our terms & conditions.
    Travel Insurance Requirements

    Greek Macro Wildlife of Kerkini Photography Holiday Summary

    The Greek Macro Wildlife of Kerkini photography holiday is a photography holiday of 7 night/8 day duration, that costs £1849  £1499 per participant

    & takes place in Kerkini in Greece, between the dates of 5th - 12th June 2022. It is ideal for photographing agile frog, balkan goldenring, balkan green lizard, balkan spoon-winged-lacewing, balkan whip snake, banded agrion, beautiful demoiselle, black-tailed skimmer, black-veined white, blue chaser, broad scarlet, broad-bodied chaser, brown argus, camberwell beauty, clouded yellow, comma butterfly, common blue, common bluetail, common clubtail, common darter, common toad, common wall lizard, cream-spot tiger moth, dingy skipper, dragon lily, duke of burgundy, eastern bath white, eastern festoon, eastern knapweed fritillary, eastern lizard orchid, eastern spadefoot, eastern wood white, emperor moth, ermine moth, european glass lizard, european green lizard, european terrapin, european white water lily, five-spot burnet, forester moth, fringed water lily, giant centipede, giant peacock moth, grass eggar moth, grass snake, grecian copper, green hairstreak, green toad, green underside blue, green-eyed hawker, grizzled skipper, hermann’s & spur-thighed tortoise, holly blue, hummingbird hawk-moth, ilex hairstreak, iolas blue, lady bird spider, large brown, large red damselfly, large skipper, large tortoiseshell, large white, lattice brown, lesser emperor, lesser spotted fritillary, little tiger blue, marsh frog, meadow brown, minstrel bug, narrow-bordered bee hawk, nettle-tree butterfly, nine-spotted moth, northern wall brown, olive bee hawk, orange tip, painted lady, pearl-bordered fritillary, philaeus chrysops – a jumping spider, pollen beetle, pool frog, praying mantis, puss moth, queen of spain fritillary, red admiral, red-veined darter, rose chafer, safflower skipper, salamander, sand boa, scarce swallowtail, six-spot burnet, slender scotch burnet, small blue-tailed damselfly, small copper, small emperor moth, small heath, small pincertail, small skipper, small tortoiseshell, small white, southern green stink bug, southern skimmer, southern white admiral, speckled wood, spurge hawk-moth, transparent burnet moth, tree frog, variable damselfly, wall brown, wedge-lipped orchid, white-tailed skimmer, wood tiger moth, woodland ringlet, yellow underwing moth, yellow-bellied toad, yellow-winged darter, еarly marsh orchid & more. This photography holiday is led by Dobromir Domuschiev for NaturesLens. The photography holiday is offered on a Half Board, Non-Shared basis. Group size for this photography holiday is a minimum of 4 participants & a maximum of 5, plus Dobromir. We consider this to be an event of Easy level of exertion, if you have any questions about your suitability for this event, please contact us prior to making a booking enquiry. The photography holiday starts & ends at Sofia International Airport. Transfers between Sofia International Airport & Kerkini are included in the cost of this photography holiday, this photography holiday requires a deposit of £400 to secure a place.

    Greek Macro Wildlife of Kerkini Photography Holiday Payment Details

    • Deposit required to secure a place: £400 payable upon making a booking.
    • Final balance payment due: March 5th, 2022*. Bookings made after this date will require the full payment to secure a place.
    • Bookings close: March 5th, 2022.
    • No-interest payment plan: we offer a no-interest payment plan for our photography holidays. Please enquire for details.
    • * Unless stated otherwise on our event booking form.

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    5th - 12th June 2022
    £1849  £1499 per participant
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