Spain is home to 4 vulture species & therefore ideal for Vulture Photography.

The Black Vulture is Europe’s largest Vulture & one of the world’s heaviest & largest raptors, with its wingspan almost reaching three metres. The Black Vulture nests in trees & sometimes on cliffs, with pairs building huge nests they reuse every year.

The majestic griffon vulture is Europe’s most social & common vulture species. The griffon vulture feeds in groups & roosts & breeds in large colonies, some colonies reaching hundreds of individuals. Spain is home to 75% of Griffon Vultures’ world’s population, & 90% of all Griffon Vultures in Europe are found within the region.

The Bearded Vulture or Lammergeier is Europe’s rarest Vulture. It takes approximately ten years for a Bearded Vulture to reach sexual maturity. A Bearded Vulture or Lammergeier will lay one to two eggs, but only one nestling survives every year. The best place in Europe to see Bearded Vultures, or Lammergeier, is in the Spanish Pyrenees.

The smallest vulture species to be found in Spain are the beautiful Egyptian Vultures. Spain holds the most significant population of Egyptian Vultures in Europe, with approximately 1,500 pairs. The Egyptian Vulture is the world’s only tool-using Vulture & Europe’s lone long-distance migratory Vulture, as it relocates to Africa in winter & returns in spring.

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