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More of the Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter

The Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter was Murray's first trip with NaturesLens & he enjoyed himself so much that he went on to book another snow-related tour; which he has just completed, he visited the Ice Grizzlies of the Yukon with both of us. I have to say that the images which came out of the first Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter photography tour were just stunning! ...

The Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter

Northern Sweden in winter is spectacular – the landscape is made up of miles & miles of icy roads & snowy pines. At first, it looks lifeless, but once you get amongst the trees & utilise some fantastic local hides there are some great species to be seen & photographed! For the 2018 Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter photography holiday, We were staying near Skelleftea & ...

Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter by David

During early March 2018, David attended our Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter photography holiday. We chose this time of year to visit Sweden because the Eagles are most active in cold weather. Also, Northern Sweden in winter is spectacular with the pristine snow providing a magical quality to the images.

Wild White Horses of the Camargue in monochrome

Earlier this year, I wrote a series of blog posts about the Wild White Horses of the Camargue. I will be heading out to the Camargue on Friday to lead our 2018 trip & thought it would be nice to showcase how these majestic steeds look in monochrome. We always try to offer something a little bit different from other operators & ...

The Wild Brown Bears of Finland from Summer 2018

Our local bear expert, Johnny Södergård, led our 2018 trip to photograph the wild brown bears of Finland. Johnny is a familiar figure around the Finnish bear centres so our guests couldn't have been in better hands. Furthermore, his lovely partner, Anna Wikén was also on hand to provide additional assistance.

My 2018 return to the Golden Eagles & Raptors of Spain

I travelled back to the mountains of the Sierra Morena in Spain in mid-April to lead the NaturesLens Golden Eagles & Raptors of Spain Photography Holiday for the second time. Last year's trip had been amazing & the whole group came back with some phenomenal images, including some from the now famous red fox versus golden eagle encounter.

A 2018 visit to the fantastic Spanish Birds of Calera

Spring of 2018 saw me spending two weeks in Spain. The first week was for the Eagles & Raptors photography holiday in the Sierra Morena Mountains. The second week saw me travelling to Madrid to collect the next group of clients & then on to Calera y Chozas for the NaturesLens Spanish bird photography holiday.

The Tigers of India – for the third time

April 2018 saw my third visit to photograph the Tigers of India, although this was the third time, the anticipation of that first tiger sighting was still as exciting as ever. That first glimpse of a tiger walking freely in their space sends a tingle down the spine & we didn't have to wait too long.

A journey to photograph the South African Wildlife of Zimanga

Last month I had the pleasure of guiding a great group of guests on our South African Wildlife of Zimanga photography holiday. This tour is the perfect blend of traditional safari game drives coupled with some extraordinary hide sessions. There was something for everyone – majestic mammals, beautiful raptors & little birds.

Bengal Tigers of Tadoba from Andrew

Andrew was one of the guests on this year's Tigers of Tadoba photography holiday. We arranged the tour for Derek & Andrew after we learnt that two of the tigresses in Tadoba had recently given birth, which meant there was the possibility to photograph tiger cubs. We cannot guarantee tiger sightings, they are, after all, wild animals.

Bengal Tigers of Bandhavgarh in April 2018

Jean & Kevin joined Jayne on our April 2018 Indian tour to photograph the Bengal Tigers of Bandhavgarh. Jean told us, “This trip exceeded all our expectations! The journey to get to our destination, although long, ran smoothly & according to plan. So many helpful people along the way. The Indian people are so friendly by nature, & ...

Omar’s Images of the Dalmatian Pelicans of Greece

Omar & his friend came all the way from Kuwait to join our Dalmatian Pelicans of Greece photography holiday. Our trips this year attracted many international clients from USA & Kuwait to Denmark, Belgium & Germany. I have to admit to being blown away when I opened Omar's email & saw his images.

Jessica’s Images of the Dalmatian Pelicans of Greece

Jessica was a guest on one of the Dalmatian Pelicans of Greece Photography Workshops that we conducted in January 2018. Having run this tour for the past four years, the itinerary is now, in our opinion, the perfect experience. But it's not what we think that matters, the view of our guests matters more.

A visit to the Tigers of Tadoba … & their cubs

David learnt that there were two female tigers who had recently given birth to cubs in Tadoba National Park. This was probably around late November 2017 & two other females had also given birth a little earlier. It seemed that a visit to see the Tigers of Tadoba was on! David & ...

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