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Wild White Horses in the surf of the Camargue beaches

Is there anything more evocative than the image of a herd of wild white horses in the surf? For me, it brings back memories of that iconic scene in the Lord of the Rings when Arwen summons the river horses. Quite appropriate when you consider that the Camargue horses are also known as “the horse of the sea”.

Amanda shared some images taken during our Autumn Birds of Prey Workshop

Amanda joined our Autumn Birds of Prey workshop as part of her birthday treat. It was her first time attending a photography workshop, but as you can see, Amanda has a real talent! By spot metering on the owl's chest, she was able to achieve a studio-like image of the barn owl.

Ian’s images from the Autumn Birds of Prey workshop

We ran our Autumn Birds of Prey workshop a little later than usual to try & get more autumnal colours. Ian enjoyed our Spring Birds of Prey workshop so much that he decided to join us again. The workshop started with our usual 2 hours Saturday taster session. The weather forecast didn't look great, so we brought the workshop forward to avoid the worst of the rain.

The Seals of Lincolnshire play in the surf

During the first week of the NaturesLens Grey Seals of Lincolnshire photography holidays, Sean took the group out onto the sandbanks at low tide where they were able to capture images of the seals in the surf. They were lucky enough to get some lovely shots of these iconic mammals swimming around, frolicking in the surf & ...

The Seals of Lincolnshire caught in a sand storm

During our Seals of Lincolnshire photography holidays, the first group of guests experienced what can only be described as the most extreme weather conditions. From rainstorms to hailstones & sandstorms to rainbows. The conditions were harsh, but the opportunities presented by the ever-changing weather were completely epic as evidenced by the images in this blog post.

Backlighting the Seals of Lincolnshire

Over the course of the two weeks of our Seals of Lincolnshire photography holidays, our guests were blessed with some excellent light. This gave Sean the opportunity to show them how to produce some creative imagery using the light for side-lit, front-lit & back-lit portraits. Seals can be notoriously tricky to back-light since their shape could be mistaken for a rock with a highlight on it, especially if the seal isn't active enough to allow light to wrap around their body.

The Seals of Lincolnshire in monochrome

Do seal images work in black & white? Judging from the photos taken by Sean while guiding our Seals of Lincolnshire photography holidays, I'd say an emphatic yes! One of the reasons I love monochrome photos is because it lends a certain timeless quality to the images. It's a particularly nostalgic form of photography, reminding me of a time when black & ...

Two weeks of Grey Seal Photography in Lincolnshire

During November I spent two weeks guiding the NaturesLens Grey Seal photography holidays. The Grey Seal is one of Britain's most charming mammals & my personal favourite subject to photograph so to spend this amount of time with them was an enormous privilege! With just under half of their global population inhabiting the UK, their curious nature & ...

Annette’s images from our Dalmatian Pelican Photography Holiday

As soon as I had set eyes on some photographs of Dalmatian Pelicans on the internet I knew that I was going to visit them, I was so profoundly enchanted by them. It didn't take me long to find the NaturesLens Dalmatian Pelican Photography Holiday & I booked it right away! ...

Some time spent with the Wildcats, Eagles & Lynx of Spain

During December 2017, I was lucky enough to spend some time with the Wildcats, Eagles & Lynx of Spain; this was preparation for a trip that we were researching to add to our portfolio.  Once again, I visited Spain in the hope of capturing some images of the elusive Iberian lynx.

Lincolnshire Seal Photography by Gladys

November 2017 saw Gladys joining one of the NaturesLens Seal Photography tours, the intent, to spend a week intensively capturing images of the Seals of Lincolnshire coastline in all lighting & weather conditions, under the guidance of Sean, who led the trips for us & offered mentoring & advice. The group experienced all types of behaviour throughout the week of seal photography, but apparently the most daunting & ...

Classic portrait images from our Autumn Birds of Prey Photography Workshop

Sean has sent in a selection of images that he captured whilst co-leading the NaturesLens Autumn Birds of Prey Photography Workshop during October 2017 – we are splitting them amongst a trio of blog posts – this is the first, focussed on what you'd probably describe as classic portrait images. We always have a good selection of birds to work with; ...

Graeme’s thoughts on our Japanese Winter Wildlife Photography Holiday

In less than six months, I will be returning to Japan, for the 5th time. It is a country that never ceases to amaze me during the Winter time. Next year we are taking a smaller group to photograph the Japanese Winter Wildlife, but that should make it all the more fun.

Owls from one of our Welsh Nature Photography Workshops

It's almost time for the Autumn Birds of Prey Workshop – more details of this particular nature photography workshop are available here – but here are some images from Ian, captured during our Spring Birds of Prey Workshop, which is held at the same venue in Mid-Wales. Ian is a veteran of our wildlife photography holidays & ...

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