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An image of a large adult wild brown bear as he walks adjacent to the lake photographed during the NaturesLens photography holiday to photograph the Wild Brown Bear

Further encounters with the Wild Brown Bear – Part 2

Part 2 of the blog, in which Trevor, one of the clients who attended the photography trip to capture images of the wild Brown Bear, relates his experience

Sorcha’s view of the land of the Wild Brown Bear

I was very excited waiting for the day I was to head off to on an adventure to see &, hopefully, capture some images of the wild brown bears of Finland for myself. I had previously spent a wonderful weekend with NaturesLens on their “Birds of Prey Workshop” prior to going abroad, this was primarily to help hone my, admittedly, very basic photography skills when it comes to wildlife & ...

Tigers of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday Report

In late April/early May I completed two back-to-back Indian trips. The first being our Tigers of Bandhavgarh Safari Holiday. I always look forward to our annual trip to photograph tigers & this year was no different, apart from the fact that I was more excited than usual. We took a break from Bandhavgarh in 2016, so I couldn't wait to get back there.

July’s Three Days with the Puffins of Skomer Island

July was my second Puffins of Skomer Island Photography Holiday of 2017 for NaturesLens. This time I was to be co-leading the trip with the talented Kevin Morgans. He has a wealth of puffin photography experience so I was sure that it was going to be another amazing trip. The trip for me started off at Gatwick airport.

June’s Puffin Photography Holiday

June took me back to the stunning Skomer Island in Wales. I was co leading the first of two NaturesLens Puffin Photography Holidays with David.    Skomer may be just 15 minutes away from the mainland of Wales but it feels like a million miles away! The short boat trip takes you to a different world.

Skomer’s Puffins in the Dark – Playing With Light

I hope to share with you in this post, a technique that I used during the second of the NaturesLens Skomer’s Puffins Photography Holidays, to achieve some, what I think are, striking images of the puffins on a dark background. The technique for achieving images such as those that are on this blog post is as follows –  ...

Wild Brown Bears in Black and White

Prior to my trip to Finland to photograph the Wild Brown Bears, I knew that I wanted to come away with a series of compelling & interesting black & white photographs. With wildlife photography you can use monochrome to highlight the details of the animal or draw your viewers eyes directly to the subject of your image.

Wolverines & Brown Bears of the Taiga Forest

It was not all about big Brown Bears during the Finland Photography Holiday in the Taiga Forest; we had opportunities to see other species too & this included the rather rare & elusive Wolverine! Once abundant in numbers, the wolverine is now a very rare animal due to over-hunting. However it was certainly one of the main highlights from the Wild Brown Bears of Finland Photography Holiday.

The Wild Brown Bears of Finland

In June I had the pleasure of co-leading the NaturesLens Wild Brown Bears of Finland Photography Holiday to Vartius. Close to the Russian border lies an area of the Taiga forest as wild & untouched as it gets within Europe, & here roams one of the greatest predators in the world, the wild Brown Bear! ...

Golden Light & Puffins – Magical Photography

There are two fantastic reasons for taking an overnight stay on Skomer Island, simply put, if it happens, the golden light & puffins – if these two happen to coincide, some magical imagery can be achieved. WOULD YOU LIKE TO UNDERTAKE 3 DAYS OF PUFFIN PHOTOGRAPHY FOR YOURSELF IN 2018? For 2018, NaturesLens have already announced a return to undertake puffin photography on Skomer Island – ...

Dan reports in from our Spanish Bird Photography Holiday

This was my second year leading a group for NaturesLens on their Spanish Bird Photography Holiday that is focussed around the fantastic hides in Calera & once again they did not disappoint. The stars of this area in Spain are the bustards & the black-winged kite but when Europe's more common but still wonderful & ...

India’s Big Cats – the Asiatic Lions of Gir

Julianne joined us for the second week of our Indian photography tour to photograph the Asiatic Lions of Gir. She was looking to hone her composition skills & hopefully capture some stunning images of the majestic residents of the Gir forest, the Asiatic Lion. Whilst her first day drew a blank for lion sightings, Julianne was lucky enough to spend time with a mother jackal & ...

Peter’s review of our Bengal Tigers of India Tour

In the beginning of May 2017, it was time for us to make our second attempt to capture images of the impressive Bengal Tigers of India, when I write second attempt it's because Linda – my wife – & I, had previously been to Bardia National Park in Nepal for the very same reason,  but, because the tigers in Nepal are much wilder, it was difficult to get as close to them as we would like.

April’s Bird of Prey Workshop

April 2017 saw David & I running the first of our Welsh Bird of Prey Workshops of 2017. This photography workshop is a particular favourite of mine because it is so relaxed & intimate due to the group size & everyone comes away with some fabulous images & new friendships made.

The 1st of a series of images captured on Lake Kerkini by Sean

In January I had the pleasure of co-guiding the NaturesLens Dalmatian Pelicans of Lake Kerkini Photography Holiday, along with Pui Hang. We took a group out to Greece to capture images of an oft-overlooked bird – the Dalmatian Pelican. This is the first part of a series of three blog posts covering the trip & ...

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