India’s Bengal Tigers of Bandhavgarh

Tiger Cub Portrait   Photographed During The NaturesLens Tigers Of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday

If you watched BBC Dynasties on Sunday evening & thought, ‘I’d love to see & photograph the tigers of Bandhavgarh for myself’ then the photography holiday we have been running for years is just perfect for you. Our jeep drivers & naturalists are amongst the most experienced in the reserve, we have been working with these local experts for the past 7 years.

Tigress Walking Across The Dam   Photographed During The NaturesLens Tigers Of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday
Our guests are housed in superb accommodation on a full board basis, providing you with comfort & excellent hospitality when you return from the game drives to relax, unwind, & look over your images.
Book a place with a deposit of only £600 payable now.
To photograph the Bengal Tigers of Bandhavgarh for yourself, join David & Pui Hang Miles, the co-founders of NaturesLens, in Umaria, India during December 2019 for a trip lasting 9 nights; this photography holiday will offer you the opportunity to capture images of the bengal tigers & other rich jungle dwelling wildlife; the NaturesLens India’s Bengal Tigers of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday is offered on a full board, non-shared room basis, & costs £3249  £2999 per participant.

All the details of the India’s Bengal Tigers of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday are available on the dedicated event page.

Photographing the Ice Grizzlies of the Yukon

A Grizzly Bear Making A Splash In The River   Captured During The Natureslens Ice Grizzlies Of The Yukon Photography Holiday

My experience of photographing the Ice Grizzlies of the Yukon could very easily read like one of those early childhood ‘what I did in my holidays’ essays. “I got up & then I got on a coach. I went to the airport & flew in a big plane to a place called Vancouver. I got into another, smaller plane & went to Whitehorse. It was snowy & cold. The next day I got in an even smaller plane & went to a place called Dawson City.  It was a Sunday; everything was closed. I stayed in a hotel & then we got in a helicopter. Then we saw bears & a wolf. Then we came home”.

That’s pretty accurate, albeit over-simplistic. It’s quite an adventure getting to Bear Cave Mountain, but boy is it worth it. Dawson City is a fascinating mix of history & modern. Many old buildings date from the Gold Rush era, in varying states of upkeep, & the trappings of modern life, but with a very Northern twist. A seasonal city that serves the tourist industry as well as still supporting commercial gold extraction. It was post-season when we were there but it was still fascinating & the people are welcoming.
The next stage of the adventure is the helicopter ride — two hours over the starkly majestic tundra & mountains of the Northern Yukon. Challenging & inhospitable doesn’t even start to describe it. The approach to the camp is ‘interesting’. There’s no sign of where the camp is & the pilot just took us down to river level & landed on a shingle ‘beach’. Only then could we see the camp through the trees. Settling in didn’t take long. There are only four buildings & a ‘room with a view’ – more on this later – the main cabin, three two-person sleeping cabins & a loo.
The message from the very point of arrival was that this is grizzly bear country & everywhere was a potential viewing site – yes, even the camp. And that, I suppose, is the key to the success of this place. Respect the grizzly bears & their environment & they will reward you. The local guides, Phil & Ross, were quick to induct us into the required behaviour – slow, deliberate movement, no talking unless necessary, & then very quietly. The philosophy is to give the bears nothing – no encouragement, no reward, & no bad experiences of humans. It works.

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Photographing Shetland’s Puffins of Fair-Isle

A Group Of Puffins On One Of The Headlands   Photographed During The NaturesLens Shetland’s Puffins Photography Holiday

Fair Isle is a truly unique place to photograph Shetland’s Puffins. It’s unspoiled, natural & very remote, which brings me to the first stage of this trip: getting to this tiny Island that sits between Shetland & Orkney!

It’s a fantastic adventure to get to Fair Isle & in my opinion, really adds to the excitement of this photographic holiday. Continue reading

Puffins of Skomer by Sue

Illuminated By The Softer Evening Light, This Puffin Poses For A Classic Skomer Image   Photographed During The NaturesLens Atlantic Puffins Of Skomer Photography Holiday

Sue joined our Atlantic Puffins of Skomer Photography holiday in June & has very kindly sent in some of her images for us to share with you.

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Finland’s Wild Brown Bears & other Wildlife from David Jones

One Of The Wild Brown Bears In The Rain   Photographed During The NaturesLens Wild Brown Bears Of Finland Photography Holiday

David attended our Wild Brown Bears of Finland photography trip earlier this year. His primary interest is in bird photography, but when presented with the opportunity to photograph bears & possibly the elusive wolverine, he couldn’t resist.

The bear centre is home to some beautiful bird species such as the goldeneye. David was lucky enough to capture images of both the male & female & even a chick!
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New dates for the Grizzlies of Bear Cave Mountain

One Of The Grizzly Bears Emerges From The Fishing Branch River Covered In Ice Typical Of The Kind Of Image That May Be Captured On The Ice Bears Of The Yukon Photographic Holiday

We have been able to get some dates for a return to the Ice Bears of the Yukon, this is the photography holiday for the Grizzlies of Bear Cave Mountain – our original trip took place during 2018, & sold out instantly; demand for places at Grizzly Bear Photography at Bear Cave Mountain is very high as only around 24 people get to spend time at the location each year!

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More of the Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter

Coming In For A Landing On The Snow, One Of The Golden Eagles   Photographed During The Golden Eagles Of The Swedish Winter Photography Holiday

The Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter was Murray’s first trip with NaturesLens & he enjoyed himself so much that he went on to book another snow-related tour; which he has just completed, he visited the Ice Grizzlies of the Yukon with both of us.

I have to say that the images which came out of the first Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter photography tour were just stunning! Majestic eagles, little birds & even a fox!
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Magnificent Winter Eagle Photography in Lithuania

A Solitary White Tailed Sea Eagle On The Snow Of A Frozen Pasture On The Nemunas Delta   Photographed At The Locations Used For The NaturesLens White Tailed Sea Eagles Of Lithuania Photography Holiday

During late-January 2019, you are invited to join Alan & Boris on the Nemunas Delta for this 5-night Winter Eagle photography trip to Lithuania.

Spend four days in the dedicated photography hides located in the heart of the Nemunas Delta, taking photo opportunities with red fox & white-tailed sea eagle & many other species that visit the photography site.
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