Best Value Wildlife Photography Holidays including Full-board & Drinks

One of the amazing Golden Eagles found at the mountain side hide photographed on the estate used for the NaturesLens Eagles of Extremadura Photography Holiday

For 2021, if you want a wildlife photography trip that has everything included, you’d do a lot worse than taking a look at the following trio of what we would call our best value wildlife photography holidays – all are in Spain, all are full-board with all meals included & wine & beer with the meals too. Two are for the summer while the middle one is for the Winter.

The tremendous Birdlife of Central Spain

The first wildlife photography holiday is the 2021 visit to the tremendous Birdlife of Central Spain, for the wildlife of the estate of El Taray, 2019 saw some fantastic species photographed including the Stone Curlew, a superb Lesser Kestrel colony & some stunning Marsh Harriers – plus a lot more besides. We’ve written about the experience before & we previously published a number of blog posts relating to the 2019 visit as well

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Capture the Wildlife Highlights of Costa Rica

A Keel billed Toucan photographed during the NaturesLens Costa Rican Wildlife Photography Holiday

We have posted details of a new nature photography holiday for 2022 that anyone who fancies a trip to photograph the Wildlife Highlights of Costa Rica might want to take a closer look at – of course, this trip is covered by our booking promise.

The trip is a condensed version of our well-regarded Wildlife of Costa Rica tour, we have scheduled this tour for March 2022, the difference is that it is of 11 nights duration as opposed to 15 – it includes the major highlights of the wildlife of Costa Rica, but also includes a brand new area that is not included on the extended tour.
Our invitation is for you to join Ian in Costa Rica for this wildlife photography adventure which encompasses three different areas of this beautiful country.


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Sri Lanka – the Ultimate Island Safari

A Leopard asleep on rocks in Yala one of the many locations found on the NaturesLens Wildlife of Sri Lanka Photography Holiday

Allow us to share details of our new Ultimate Island Safari to Sri Lanka which we have scheduled for March 2023.

Sri Lanka is an island paradise lined with amazing golden sandy beaches & turquoise blue waters. The oceans are rich with life, & amazing coral reefs. The deeper waters are home to marine giants such as the Blue Whale, the largest animal to have ever lived. It is a country that boasts a rich natural heritage, with amazing wildlife & biodiversity & incredibly, for an island of its size can boast of iconic megafauna such as leopards, elephants & sloth bears. Sri Lanka is also regarded as a biodiversity hotspot teeming with endemic birds, reptiles, amphibians as well as plant species found nowhere else on earth.
Our Sri Lankan nature photography trip is of 15 nights duration in order to see the best of what this incredible country has to offer, from safaris to Yala & Wilpattu for leopards & sloth bears; Udalwe for jungle cats & Asian elephants; boat trips to see the super pods of Spinner Dolphins & also pods of Sperm Whales, Orcas, Short Finned Pilot Whales, Pink Dolphins & other beautiful cetaceans. We’ve even arranged to take a floatplane out to sea to do aerial photography of blue whales!  And if this wasn’t enough, we will also spend one-night photographing sea turtles as they come ashore to lay their eggs.
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A new Puma Photography Holiday in Patagonia

A puma surveys the mountain range it calls home photographed in the Torres del Paine National Park the location for the NaturesLens Pumas of Patagonia Photography Holiday

Our new tour to photograph the Winter Pumas of Patagonia is scheduled to run during mid-August 2022 & costs £8499 per person for seven full days of puma spotting, which is more days than comparable trips.

However, if you book & pay your deposit now & we can fill this Puma Photography Holiday prior to October 2020, we can secure 2020 pricing which would drop the cost of this trip down to £6999 which is a saving of £1500!
A full trip is 4 clients – so you should not find this to be a crowded affair.
Patagonia is one of the world’s top wildlife destinations to experience real wildness & also some dramatic wildlife photography. Located between rich subpolar forests & the vast Patagonian steppes, the backbone of the park is the Paine mountain range, with the famous & much-photographed Cuernos (horns) del Paine as its centrepiece. This 2,100 m massive granite formation rises abruptly over the surrounding plains, providing a unique & extremely photogenic backdrop.
Our primary focus on this tour is very much on the resident puma (also known as cougar & mountain lion) population of Torres del Paine National Park & its surrounding areas. We will be working with the local trackers involved in the National Geographic coverage of these magnificent animals. Some of the population are amazingly tolerant to people, so close encounters, while we are on foot, are a genuine possibility. We have deliberately chosen to visit early in the season because there is less traffic in the park & on the ranch & the pumas are a bit more active during the day, which always helps with the photography! Also, if we are lucky, we may have the opportunity to photograph them in the last snows as winter turns to spring.
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4 great reasons to visit Africa for Wildlife Photography!

A game drive within the South Luangwa National Park after dark

If Africa, specifically Zambia, Kenya or South Africa is somewhere you would like to take a wildlife photography trip then we have several new & enhanced offerings for upcoming years, some are general, some are quite specific. In contrast, some have a particular element that the tour is based around.
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Birds of the Swedish Winter

The amazing goshawk which delighted the photographers in front of their hide photographed by Robin Lowry during the NaturesLens Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter Photography Holiday

Ok, let me start by talking about the elephant in the room for the 2020 Birds of the Swedish Winter holiday! On this tour, the golden eagles did not visit us, even though they were in the area. There could be a few reasons why this may have happened. We know that one of the male area eagles had gone missing & we believe it may have sadly died. We are patiently waiting to see when another young male eagle takes over its territory. Also, the weather could be some of the reason too, by not being cold enough. The temperature was above zero for a lot of the time, which is too warm for some of the eagles that live in this area to be hungry to come in & feed. There are around five different golden eagle nest sites within this territory. With so many potential eagles to visit, it was extraordinary not to see any at all here on this holiday. Sadly, the eagle not showing up has happened only once before around 8-9 years ago during the 35 years Conny has been monitoring & watching the eagles, so it’s uncommon for this to have occurred.

NaturesLens plan this holiday for when the eagles are the most likely to come down to the hides which are early March.
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The Package Travel Regulations are not optional

Did you know that in 2018 the Package Travel Regulations were updated & now offer you – as a consumer – more protection than ever?

The Package Travel Regulations offer protection if you are on a tour that is defined as a package holiday.
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Our Booking Promise To You

A lone Marsh Harrier stares intently at the photography hides within the estate of El Taray in Spain photographed during the NaturesLens Winter Birds of Toledo photography holiday

We know that these are unpredictable times & we can’t be sure exactly what’s coming in the future, but we know for certain that adaptability is critical. At NaturesLens, we want to make sure our photography holiday clients are reassured & have access to all of the latest travel developments, so we are maintaining a close eye on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office updates.

With this in mind, we believe that it is only fair to introduce our booking promise on our nature photography holidays.
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