Magnificent Winter Eagle Photography in Lithuania

A Solitary White Tailed Sea Eagle On The Snow Of A Frozen Pasture On The Nemunas Delta   Photographed At The Locations Used For The NaturesLens White Tailed Sea Eagles Of Lithuania Photography Holiday

During late-January 2019, you are invited to join Alan & Boris on the Nemunas Delta for this 5-night Winter Eagle photography trip to Lithuania.

Spend four days in the dedicated photography hides located in the heart of the Nemunas Delta, taking photo opportunities with red fox & white-tailed sea eagle & many other species that visit the photography site.
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The Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter

In A Snow Storm, One Of The Golden Eagles   Photographed During The Golden Eagles Of The Swedish Winter Photography Holiday

Northern Sweden in winter is spectacular – the landscape is made up of miles & miles of icy roads & snowy pines. At first, it looks lifeless, but once you get amongst the trees & utilise some fantastic local hides there are some great species to be seen & photographed! For the 2018 Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter photography holiday, We were staying near Skelleftea & had a great group; we were all looking forward to the next few days!

Once we arrived in the winter wonderland & settled into our home for the next four days, it was time to hear how the Golden Eagles had been performing. The outlook was good with visits happening every day in the lead up to our arrival!
On the first day in the hide, we had steady snow all day, excellent conditions! Not only did this allow everyone to take some wintery photos but it also allowed shooting all day as there was no direct harsh light during the middle of the day. The small birds kept us busy between Golden Eagle visits as they flitted about in the wintery conditions.
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Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter by David

A Close Up Of One Of The Golden Eagles Feeding In The Snow   Image Captured During The NaturesLens Golden Eagles Of The Swedish Winter Photography Holiday

During early March 2018, David attended our Golden Eagles of the Swedish Winter photography holiday. We chose this time of year to visit Sweden because the Eagles are most active in cold weather. Also, Northern Sweden in winter is spectacular with the pristine snow providing a magical quality to the images.

As you can see from David’s photographs, he was blessed with amazing light & some stunning eagle activity. Just look at the catchlight in the eagle’s eyes & the gorgeous golden tones in the feathers.
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Wild White Horses of the Camargue in monochrome

Portrait of fighting stallions typical of the type of image that may be captured during the NaturesLens Wild White Horses of the Camargue Photography Holiday

Earlier this year, I wrote a series of blog posts about the Wild White Horses of the Camargue. I will be heading out to the Camargue on Friday to lead our 2018 trip & thought it would be nice to showcase how these majestic steeds look in monochrome.

We always try to offer something a little bit different from other operators & in this case; we include a unique portrait session. This is an opportunity to photograph a white & a black stallion in a studio-like environment with both natural & studio lighting.

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The Wild Brown Bears of Finland from Summer 2018

One Of The Large Bears Walks Alongside & Is Reflected Within The Lake   Photographed By Johnny Södergård During The NaturesLens Wild Brown Bears Of Finland Photography Holiday

Our local bear expert, Johnny Södergård, led our 2018 trip to photograph the wild brown bears of Finland. Johnny is a familiar figure around the Finnish bear centres so our guests couldn’t have been in better hands. Furthermore, his lovely partner, Anna Wikén was also on hand to provide additional assistance. The hides are located around three ponds in a marsh area close to the Russian border. There are also hides in the forest, but due to the lack of light, we did not use these hides.

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Our photography holidays for Spanish bird photography during 2019

As with previous years, for 2019, we will be running a number of wildlife photography holidays to the Spanish Plains, each is designed to allow you to photograph the wide variety of Spanish bird species that live in, on & above these expansive vistas; you may wonder what species are likely to be photographable during each of the various Spanish bird photography tours that we have within our portfolio of offerings for Spanish Bird Photography .

One of Calera's Bustards at sunrise image captured during a NaturesLens Spanish Bird Photography Holiday
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My 2018 return to the Golden Eagles & Raptors of Spain

A Bonelli's Eagle Of The Sierra Morena Region Of Spain   Image Captured During The NaturesLens Golden Eagles & Raptors Of Spain Photography Holiday

I travelled back to the mountains of the Sierra Morena in Spain in mid-April to lead the NaturesLens Golden Eagles & Raptors of Spain Photography Holiday for the second time.

Last year’s trip had been amazing & the whole group came back with some phenomenal images, including some from the now famous red fox versus golden eagle encounter. I couldn’t wait to go back & see what 2018 had to offer & I was not disappointed.
We took the first flight out of Gatwick to Malaga & then transferred to Adamuz which was our base & home for the duration of the trip. This provincial town is situated in beautiful natural surroundings & its picturesque location made it the perfect place to sit around for a beer or two after the photography sessions.
When we arrived, we dropped our bags at the hotel & headed straight out to the Golden Eagle hide. The location of the hide is about 20km from the hotel driving through some of the most scenic landscape. In case you are wondering, there is no long walk to the hide as we are dropped off right outside!
The Eagles decided that they did not want to play ball that afternoon. But that was ok, because the 50 Griffon Vultures that arrived kept us very busy! I love these scavenging raptors, so for me, this was vulture heaven!

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Forgotten Little Bulgaria? A new photography guide joins us

Does My Nose Look Big In This   A Macro Image By Victoria Hillman

Pui Hang & I are delighted to announce the addition of a new photography guide – Victoria Hillman. Some of you will have heard of, or know of her & some of you will have met her, especially if you happened to have been one of our guests on our June Skomer trip this year!

Victoria is best known as the author of ‘Forgotten Little Creatures‘, an exciting publication that celebrates all the smaller things that live around us, bringing together creative photography & interesting scientific & historical facts; the stories behind the images & how we can help the wildlife around us.
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