Why do I need to be concerned about whether my photography holiday is financially protected?

In summary, if you don’t & something happens to one of the companies involved in your trip, you could lose your money.
Every provider of photography workshops, which last more than 24 hours, or photography holidays providing a package of any sort that includes two or more elements, such as accommodation, tuition, food or airport transfers is required by law to provide financial failure protection.
In the case of our company becoming insolvent or our suppliers fail to be able to provide service to us which impacts your holiday, you are covered.
Do not risk booking with a company that is not financially protected & compliant with the Package Travel Regulations! Your money is not safe, & the company is breaking the law – you should also question what else they do not have in place, for example, the required liability insurances.
NaturesLens is financially protected using the services of Travel Vault meaning that we are fully able to meet our obligations under the Package Travel Regulations; these arrangements are completely robust meaning no matter what happens, your money is protected.
If you’d like more information about how our safeguards for your money work, please contact us & we will be happy to go through it with you in more detail.