At NaturesLens, we offer an increasing number of wildlife photography holidays that take in a number of locations worldwide, enabling you to capture images of nature at its finest.
We arrange regular scheduled trips to capture images of that most beautiful of the big cats, the tiger in a number of locations around the world.
For more information about each of these below listed photography holidays, get in touch today or view our frequently asked questions to discover what such a trip involves. All our wildlife photography tours & holidays may be viewed here, we cover a growing number of locations worldwide.

Wildlife Tours & Holidays for Tiger Photography from NaturesLens

2020 Nature & Wildlife Photography Holidays & Tours


Majestic Tigers of India 8 nights - 24th March - 1st April 2020India £3399  £2999 * per participant
One Of Bandhavgarh's Beautiful Bengal Tigers In The Cooling Water Of A Pool   Photographed During The NaturesLens Tigers Of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday
Join Pui Hang Miles, one of the co-founders of NaturesLens, in Umaria during March 2020 for 8 nights; take the opportunity to capture images of the rich jungle dwelling wildlife; the NaturesLens Majestic Tigers of India photography holiday is offered on a full board, non-shared room basis, & costs £3399  £2999 per participant.

Places Available

Species: asiatic jackal, bengal fox, black kite, black vulture, brown fish owl, crested serpent eagle, dhole, egyptian vulture, gaur, grey mongoose, indian roller, jungle cat, langur monkey, leopard, little egret, little grebe, red jungle fowl, rhesus macaque, sambar, sloth bear, spotted deer, striped hyena, tiger, wild pig