Want some Top Tips for Puffin Photography?

You could do worse than joining me on Skomer next July; I will be co-leading the second of our Skomer Photography Holidays to capture images of the fantastic puffins, & being a veteran of puffin photography in various locations around the United Kingdom, including Skomer & Fair Isle, I will be on hand to help you achieve the best you can during your stay on the island!

Gliding on the bay an Atlantic Puffin circuits Skomer Island - join Kevin in 2017 on the July Puffins of Skomer Photography Holiday

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Showcasing some of Jayne’s Puffins of Skomer Island

Jayne is becoming a bit of a veteran of NaturesLens photography holidays, that’s a compliment in case you were wondering! In June she joined the Skomer Puffins Photography Holiday for three days & nights staying on the island. We have it on good authority that as with her other ventures with us, the weather though challenging was not something to get in her way, so here we are pleased to showcase some of Jayne’s Puffins of Skomer Island …

A puffin lands on The Wick with his fresh catch of sand eels - photographed during the NaturesLens Skomer's Puffins Photography Holiday Continue reading

Some thoughts on the Puffins of Skomer

The enigmatic island of Skomer off the Pembrokeshire coastline comes alive in the summer. Recently I spent three nights on the island guiding a photographic holiday focused on the Puffins of Skomer for NaturesLens, with Richard Peters. I visit the island tens of times every year with my own business, but it’s always an exciting time to head over to this seabird paradise.

A puffin seeks out a burrow amongst the Sea Campion - photographed during the NaturesLens Skomer Puffins Photography Holiday

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Some of Stuart’s images from their recent visit to the Puffins of Fair-Isle

Stuart has kindly sent in a selection of images captured on Shetland when they undertook the Puffins of Fair Isle Photography Holiday led by Kevin Morgans.

Fair Isle is the most remote inhabited island in the United Kingdom. It is administratively part of the parish of Dunrossness, Shetland, & is roughly equidistant from Sumburgh Head some 24 miles to the northeast on the Mainland of Shetland & North Ronaldsay, Orkney, some 27 miles to the southwest. Fair Isle is 3 miles long & 1.5 miles wide. It has an area of 3 sq miles, making it the tenth largest of the Shetland Islands.
Fair Isle has a permanent bird observatory, founded by George Waterston in 1948. Because of its importance as a bird migration watchpoint, it provides virtually all of the accommodation on the island.
The light, that is the reason for our photography holidays to both Fair Isle & Skomer which enables the capture of images like this
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Ian’s Memories of Skomer’s Puffins

I count myself fortunate; I’ve been able to take photos from Alaska to South Georgia, India to the Masai Mara. What’s the relevance to Skomer? Well, Skomer, on our own doorstep, presents one of the more challenging environments to ‘get the shot’, the shot being that of Skomer’s Puffins.

A puffin lands at The WIck with a mouthful of sand eels - photographed during the NaturesLens Skomer's Puffins Photography Holiday

Put aside the “will I get there” conundrum – it’s only a 15 minute boat ride, but if the wind’s from the North & over 10 knots, “you ain’t going” (been there, done that), the climb once you get there (87 steps carrying everything you brought – teamwork to the rescue – you make friends quickly), & the basic living conditions (all very comfortable & clean, but ‘snug’ bedrooms, solar battery powered lighting, & the prospect of a cool shower (if you time it wrong!). The real challenge is your reason for being there – puffins. Continue reading