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India’s Bengal Tigers of Bandhavgarh

Tiger Cub Portrait   Photographed During The NaturesLens Tigers Of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday

If you watched BBC Dynasties on Sunday evening & thought, ‘I’d love to see & photograph the tigers of Bandhavgarh for myself’ then the photography holiday we have been running for years is just perfect for you. Our jeep drivers & naturalists are amongst the most experienced in the reserve, we have been working with these local experts for the past 7 years.

Tigress Walking Across The Dam   Photographed During The NaturesLens Tigers Of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday
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The Tigers of India – for the third time

One Of Bandhavgarh's Beautiful Bengal Tigers In The Cooling Water Of A Pool   Photographed During The NaturesLens Tigers Of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday

April 2018 saw my third visit to photograph the Tigers of India, although this was the third time, the anticipation of that first tiger sighting was still as exciting as ever. That first glimpse of a tiger walking freely in their space sends a tingle down the spine & we didn’t have to wait too long.

Our clients made a point of noting it took only 25 minutes, & what a fantastic sighting it was to start our Bandhavgarh-based Tigers of India adventure. Our first encounter was with one of Spotty’s cubs. She has three cubs, approximately 18 months old, but they’re now rarely seen all together. As our guide liked to say – they’re in their ‘probationary period’ learning to be independent & to develop their hunting skills, but still coming together as a family on occasions. We could see one of the cubs resting in the leaves by the waterhole & what a fantastic treat it was to see her cooling down in the water a few hours later. Continue reading

Special offer for Tigers in December 2018

Dotty, surely the most magnificent tigress in the forest looking back photographed on the 2017 Tigers of Bandhavgarh Safari Holiday

I have just returned from two weeks in India, & it has to be said that right now, the tiger reserves are rocking, new cubs, juvenile tigers, new males & tigers looking to establish their territories means that sightings were excellent! We make use of both Tadoba & Bandhavgarh for our Tiger Photography Holidayscoupled with local guide knowledge we have great information on what is going on in the reserves, where is best to take clients to & which of the various zones in the parks we should be visiting. I can vouch for the reserves as being excellent this season, I spent several hours with one of the female tigers in Tadoba, along with her four tiny cubs!

Bandhavgarh is looking to be pretty unique this season too, but now word has reached us of more tiger pregnancies, with these due in September – assuming that the information is correct – this would hopefully mean that the cubs might be first seen in December 2018.

Dotty, surely the most magnificent tigress in the forest looking back photographed on the 2017 Tigers of Bandhavgarh Safari Holiday

To that end, we have decided to add a new photography holiday into the schedule for this year, to head to Bandhavgarh between the dates of December 11th – 19th 2018.

The prices for Bandhavgarh jeep safaris – for only two people per jeep, (as this is how we run the safaris to give you maximum space) – were increased in September 2017 & will rise again in September 2018 – but for this tour, WE WILL AGAIN HOLD OUR PRICE AT THE 2017 RATE!

That means 12 safaris, all ground transportation, full board accommodation throughout the trip & non-shared accommodation with no single supplement payable for each traveller at a blinding cost of £2749 – the same trip in April 2019 will cost £3249 unfortunately.

So this is the opportunity to take the plunge, visit the tigers & do it all at a brilliant price – but it gets better!

The above price is based on a minimum of 3 clients, once we have a minimum of 4 clients, the cost of the trip will be reduced by £100 per person. This applies to those initial three clients that may have booked at the higher price as well as any new clients.

We will take no more than six clients maximum on this trip.

You can view the dedicated event page here – all bookings have to be in before August 1st, 2018 so that we can secure the best zones for viewing of the tigers & cubs.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Tigers of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday Report

One of Bandhavgarh's tigers stares straight down the lens photographed on the 2017 Tigers of Bandhavgarh Safari Holiday

In late April/early May I completed two back-to-back Indian trips. The first being our Tigers of Bandhavgarh Safari Holiday. I always look forward to our annual trip to photograph tigers & this year was no different, apart from the fact that I was more excited than usual.

We took a break from Bandhavgarh in 2016, so I couldn’t wait to get back there. I can honestly say that I have never been more excited about going back to what I consider to be my second home.

We have been visiting the park for 7 years now & have gotten to know its residents very well. Along with the drivers & guides who have become our friends, we have mourned the loss of favourite tigers & celebrated the birth of new cubs.

The spot where three tiger brothers have made home their island in the middle of one of the watering holes photographed on the 2017 Tigers of Bandhavgarh Safari Holiday

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Peter’s review of our Bengal Tigers of India Tour

Bandhavgarh is home to a large amount of wildlife here is a baby Langur Monkey cradled in it's mothers arms image captured during the NaturesLens Bengal Tigers of India Photography Holiday

In the beginning of May 2017, it was time for us to make our second attempt to capture images of the impressive Bengal Tigers of India, when I write second attempt it’s because Linda – my wife – & I, had previously been to Bardia National Park in Nepal for the very same reason,  but, because the tigers in Nepal are much wilder, it was difficult to get as close to them as we would like.

So, on this occasion, we joined NaturesLens on a trip to Bandhavgarh National Park in India. Bandhavgarh is one of the best tiger reserves in the world, with the highest population of Bengal Tigers, so the odds seemed good & the NaturesLens Bengal Tigers of India Photography Holiday looked to tick all the boxes of what we hoped to achieve.

We met with Pui Hang & David of NaturesLens in New Delhi airport, also with them were Jayne & Simon, two guests from the UK, meaning that we had a nice little group of 6 persons in total.

The flight from New Delhi to Jabalpur is a relative short flight in a small plane. Getting the gear to fit in the overhead luggage compartment could have been a problem, but it turned out to be no problem at all, even David managed to persuade the cabin crew with a rather loud “IT WILL FIT” that his bag would fit, & it did!

After the flight & a drive, we arrived to Tala & our wonderful accommodation, which would be our base for the next 7 days. & a very nice base it was, large rooms, nice bathrooms, &, of course, a pool to cool off in.

The stunning accommodation that is used whilst staying in Bandhavgarh during the NaturesLens Bengal Tigers of India Photography Holiday

The lodge which stay at during the the NaturesLens Bengal Tigers of India Photography Holiday is luxurious and has a large pool during

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Jayne reports back from our Indian Wildlife Photography Holidays

Dotty looks back she is one of the new mothers of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve captured during the NaturesLens Bengal Tigers of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday

My first visit to India was in April 2016, also with NaturesLens, & I fell in love with the place, we had some excellent tiger sightings in Tadoba, but let’s just say I came away with some ‘unfinished business’ so it didn’t take much persuading to book myself onto the Indian Wildlife Photography Holidays that NaturesLens had arranged for May 2017.

In the weeks before our trip there had been many posts on social media showing some incredible tiger sightings, so the anticipation grew, & Bandhavgarh didn’t disappoint. It has to be said, however, that nothing is guaranteed – we heard of a few people who had seen very little. Still, NaturesLens put everything in place to give their clients the absolute best opportunity, securing top-class drivers & guides. They, over our time in Bandhavgarh, became part of our ‘Team Tiger’ group.

When I refer to ‘sightings’, I mean ‘photographic opportunities’ not a shadow in the bush which is hardly distinguishable or a bum shot! When I say ‘photographic opportunity’, I mean time to capture an image of quality that meets my standards & that I would be happy for others to see. In total, over the week the group encountered 17 different tigers, some shared moments with numerous other folk & some exceptional exclusive moments with no one else around other than one Gypsy vehicle – just you & the tiger – those are moments to treasure.

This image is very much one shared with practically everyone else on safari. For several days Kankatti & her cubs visited the waterhole at pretty much the same time each day, so naturally, everybody gathered to witness this special event. We sat & we waited for over an hour in the blazing heat – about 45˚ – & then suddenly the sound of camera shutters. I couldn’t see anything to start with thanks to the beautiful growth of bamboo, but then the family appeared, walking around the waterhole & bathing in just the perfect spot.

Kankatti and cubs a regular sight in Bandhvagarh in May 2017 captured during the NaturesLens Bengal Tigers of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday

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Join our Tigers of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday with £250 discount

A Bengal Tiger Cub photographed on a NaturesLens Tigers Photography Holiday in India

After being declared a national park in 1968, & with numerous conservation efforts going on in the area, Bandhavgarh has fast become one of the best reserves in the world for nature & wildlife photography. Join us in 2017 to experience Bandhavgarh for yourself & better still, there are 3 places available on our 2017 Tigers of Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday with a £250 discount – which means you’ll pay £3049 instead of £3299. These places are limited however, once they are gone, they are gone! The headline features of this photography tour, which is has a special price of £3049, are as follows:

  • To be conducted between the dates of April 18, 2017 – April 26, 2017.
  • Lead by Pui Hang Miles.
  • 11 morning & afternoon safaris providing photography of the Bengal Tigers & other wildlife of Bandhavgarh National Park!
  • Included all day safari, which is an opportunity to explore the park & capture images at a time when the park is not open to the public.
  • Like most of our tours – No single supplement!
  • Easy flights into & out of New Delhi.
  • All meals, airport transfers, accommodation & activities whilst in Bandhavgarh are included.
  • Tuition on an as-needed basis from Pui Hang.

A Bengal Tiger Cub photographed on a NaturesLens Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday in India

Our Bandhavgarh Photography Holiday is lead by photographers, drivers & guides experienced in the park & the region as a whole to help you extract the maximum creativity & photographic opportunities from the experience.

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