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Photograph the Bald Eagles of the Pacific Northwest

The rivers of Washington on the Eastern coast of the United States runs through some of North America’s most dramatic scenery; the forests are home to diverse wildlife species, including the Bald Eagle, the rivers provide a fantastic spawning habitat for salmon. It is the only large river system in Washington that contains healthy populations of all five native salmon species & two species of trout.

NaturesLens invites mid-level & experienced wildlife photographers to participate in a new photography holiday, which involves navigating the waterside territory around Concrete, Washington, by boat, to photograph the population of bald eagles that winter in the area.

A bald eagle flies over a river in the valleys of the Pacific Northwest

We have chosen this location carefully to present another opportunity for a fantastic bald eagle photography experience. The areas we will use on the Skagit River are home to nearly 1000 eagles as they feed on the abundant supply of spawning chum salmon. Throughout the duration of this photography holiday, you will be presented with many chances to capture images of the eagles in flight & in their environment, providing for you the opportunity to capture both wide-angle pictures & up-close.

Join NaturesLens on a photography experience that offers opportunities to fill your photography portfolio with images of the bald eagle. Based in the town of Concrete, Skagit County, we will venture out every day on boats to capture stunning photographs of the bald eagle.

The full details of this exciting trip are available here.

February 2018, join the Utah & Yellowstone in Winter Photography Holiday

the snow covered landscape of the tetons typical of the type of image to be captured on the natureslens utah yellowstone in winter photography holiday

Join NaturesLens & venture across magnificent winter landscapes in Utah, the Teton Mountains & Yellowstone National Park, capturing a wide range of native wildlife on camera, including bird species, deadly predators & others, as they live side by side in throughout harsh winter months. Join us to photograph bald eagle, bison, bobcat, elk, moose, trumpeter swan & more in the dramatic scenery of Utah, the Teton mountains & Yellowstone in Winter.

We will travel between different locations so that you will witness the rich variety of wildlife that this region of North America has to offer, capturing stunning images that will benefit from the magnificent backdrops that these wintery landscapes provide. Book now for the photography experience of a lifetime!

NaturesLens invites amateur & semi-professional photographers to join the Utah & Yellowstone in Winter Photography Holiday, to experience & photograph the spectacularly diverse wildlife that Utah & Wyoming, & Yellowstone itself, have to offer during winter months.

A coyote, one of the best predators to encounter in Yellowstone - typical of the type of image to be captured on the NaturesLens Utah & Yellowstone in Winter Photography Holiday Continue reading

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