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Explore the stunning wildlife photography opportunities on Grímsey Island with NaturesLens. Discover the Arctic Circle’s hidden gem for unique bird photography experiences.

A Pair Of The Atlantic Puffins, Photographed In Their Natural Habitat On Grímsey Island, Iceland

Why Iceland is simply the best place – in the world – to photograph Atlantic Puffins

Experience Grimsey Island's majestic wildlife and see images captured by Robin Lowry that show off the Atlantic Puffins in their natural habitat

Grímsey Island – The Best Place in Iceland to Photograph Atlantic Puffins

An Introduction to Grímsey Island Iceland is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes & unique wildlife. However, one creature stands out when capturing the hearts of nature photographers – the Atlantic Puffin. With its colourful beak, expressive eyes, & comical waddle, the Puffin has become an iconic symbol of the country. While there are many places in Iceland to witness these adorable birds, one location that genuinely stands out is Grímsey Island.

Exploring the Unique Icelandic Atlantic Puffin Colony of Grímsey Island

Iceland is an iconic destination renowned for its stunning landscapes & unique cultural heritage. From the ice-cold iceberg lagoons in the south to the rolling hills & volcanic valleys in the centre, these magnificent landscapes are rarely rivalled anywhere else in the world. Yet, there is another side of Iceland that is far less known & ...

Capturing the Wonders of Grimsey Island – Iceland’s Puffin Paradise

From its breathtaking waterfalls to majestic glaciers, Iceland is full of captivating sights & experiences. But few locations in this incredible country offer a more unique experience than the magical Grimsey Island, home of one of the world's largest puffin populations. This small island, situated just north of the Arctic Circle, is a paradise for photographers hoping to capture the vibrant colours of these delightful seabirds.

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