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2017 – Slovenian Bear Photography Holiday



One Of The Adult European Brown Bears Poses On Rocks - Photographed On The Natureslens Slovenian Bear Photography Holiday[/is_singular]

Slovenian Bear Photography Holiday

This 5 day trip offers enthusiastic wildlife photographers an incredible opportunity to get up close to the magnificent Slovenian brown bear, capturing it on camera with the Slovenian forest wilderness as the perfect backdrop.

Accompanied by, Kevin Morgans, one of the NaturesLens photography leaders, you will spend afternoons & evenings photographing the bears from within comfortable hides deep within the forest, which are exclusive to your group. Witness this beautiful solitary animal as it roams the fir & beech woodlands, tracking prey across the land that this species has called home for centuries.

The forests of southern Slovenia, intertwining with hills, valleys & quaint local villages, offer the perfect setting for photographing the magnificent Ursos Arctos; the Brown Bear, in its natural habitat. These elusive creatures were in decline at the beginning of the 20th century, with fears that they were on the brink of extinction. However, the population has recovered & it is estimated that between 400 & 700 bears now thrive in the region.

Bathed In Golden Light At The End Of The Day This Is Just One Of The Adult European Brown Bears Found In The Slovenian Forests - Photographed On The Natureslens Slovenian Bear Photography Holiday

NaturesLens have designed a unique photography experience, inviting guests to spend 5 days photographing the incredible brown bear within magnificent wilderness native to the Slovenian mountains, with the bears’ stunning natural habitat providing the perfect backdrop for taking beautiful editorial quality photographs.

Our trip provides an unrivalled opportunity to experience the Slovenian bear as they roam fir & beech forests, tracking prey, tracing the paths this species have walked for centuries. The powerful brown bear is an age-old icon of the region, respected & avoided by locals, left in peace to rule the wilderness.

This trip also offers access to a complex network of specialised photography arenas, encompassing hides & hunting tracks. Your guide will be familiar with the region & the species, therefore able to help you make the most of this stunning natural landscape & the opportunity to come face-to-face with these magnificent predators, capturing raw images to cherish for years to come.

Morning schedules are kept flexible as the best time to photograph the bears comes in the afternoon & evening, giving you time to go over the previous day’s images or to enjoy what the surrounding area has to offer. Although the Slovenian bear is our target species, a variety of wildlife might pay a visit throughout the trip, such as foxes, jays, woodpeckers & sparrowhawks.

At around 3pm you will be taken to the comfortable bear hides that are designed to blend into the surroundings, from which it is best to watch & photograph the Slovenian bears, until around 9pm when you will return to the hotel. Here you will experience warm Slovenian hospitality, delicious local food & comfortable surroundings, giving you time to relax, recuperate & reflect on the events of the day.

A Resting Adult European Brown Bear Found In The Slovenian Forests - Photographed On The Natureslens Slovenian Bear Photography Holiday

We at NaturesLens have created this trip to offer wildlife photography enthusiasts a unique opportunity to capture beautiful images of the majestic brown bear, carefully designing a schedule which removes the need to sleep in hides, ensuring comfortable nights and fulfilling days spent within the Slovenian wilderness.

We take care of every detail for you, including accommodation & internal travel, ensuring that all you have to worry about is capturing the perfect images on camera. Booking early is advised as our tours offer limited spaces.

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