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2015 – Saltee Island Gannet Photography Holiday


Gannet Photography holiday Details

[/is_singular]The NaturesLens Gannet Photography holiday is ideal for those photographers wishing to add more great seabird images to their portfolio. Commencing in Pembroke Dock, Wales, this wildlife photography holiday immediately transports the participants across to Southern Ireland to photograph the gannet colony of the Saltee Islands. Whilst in Southern Ireland, our clients, accompanied by a NaturesLens guide will have three full days amongst the gannet colony.

Northern Gannet of the type that may be photographed within the Saltee Islands colonies - Gannet Photography Holiday

The Saltee Islands are a family-owned, nature reserve situated approximately 5 kms from the beautiful County Wexford coast. The islands were once a magnet for pirates & smugglers, now however they are rightly famous as one of the best Irish bird sanctuaries for their impressive selection of twelve species of seabirds which have made the islands their home. During our trip we will be able to see the colonies of the Gannets, Razorbills & even more Puffins! As well as the islands being perfect places for photography & bird watching, they are also a place with outstanding marine & animal life! The surrounding waters of the islands are one of the prime sites for Grey Seals in Ireland, with the species breeding roughly 120 pups between August & December. The Saltee Islands are also regarded as a hotspot for whale & dolphin watching, given a perfect view of the sea from the cliffs. During summer months, it is possible to spot species such as Risso Dolphins, Harbour Porpoises & occasionally Orca.

A pair of Northern Gannets - Gannet Photography Workshop

This photography holiday includes the following elements: visiting Southern Ireland, accommodation on a bed & breakfast & evening meal basis, transportation & ferry costs & boat trips whilst visiting the Saltee Islands.

A portrait of a Northern Gannet - one of the types of bird that may be photographed within the Saltee Islands colonies - Gannet Photography Holiday

All photos on this page are representative of the opportunities available should you join us on this holiday.

Gannet Photography holiday Availability

Maximum 6 photographers – Spaces available

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Reserve a place on the NaturesLens Gannet Photography holiday, with a deposit of only £100, your balance will be due late-April 2015.
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Gannet Photography Holiday for 2015

A pair of Northern Gannets - Gannet Photography Holiday - Gannet Photography WorkshopNaturesLens & Drew Buckley have recently been planning some new events for 2015, to that end, we are happy to announce that we have put assembled the details for a Gannet Photography Holiday to Southern Ireland to photograph the Gannet colony of the Saltee Islands; leaving from Pembroke Dock, the group of clients & a guide will travel to Ireland & then check into accommodation near Kilmore Quay. The next three days are spent on the Saltee Islands, amongst the gannet colony. All transportation is included, as is comfortable accommodation, & of course there are the boat trips to & from the islands. Continue reading